The One Thing On Which We All Agree

There is one place, event, or subject on which Philadelphians of all sorts agree, well, except perhaps art snobs,

and that subject is Rocky.

I go as far as to call them snobs, not because they love art, but because anyone who fails to appreciate this city’s collective love for a fictional character, and especially the reasons why that character is loved, is thinking too highly of themselves and deserves the sort of booing that the city of brotherly love is known for. Lets go get our batteries.

You probably haven’t seen the original movie in years, we watch it every year.

Say what you want about Sly but that scene where Mick comes over to Rocky’s apartment asking to be his manager, you know, the one where Rock brushes mick off and sends him sulking off down the block. The frustrated fighter starts shouting out his frustrations to no one once the old man has left but then goes jogging after him and they patch it up. The two of them are pathetic. It is wonderful.

When Rocky runs up those steps, the ones we are sitting on, everyone cheers. 

We will go watch it again next year, and the year after that.

We will keep going till the kids are old enough to walk themselves back to the car at midnight and old enough to understand why Rocky’s love for Adrian is beautiful.

5 thoughts on “The One Thing On Which We All Agree

  1. I’ll always hold out hope for you. In the coming years, that you might see understatement always trumps shouting. Mummers, Pats, and Rocky are always yelling. It’s a movie and city that needs to hold the cheese.

    1. This city, and DiBruno Bros. introduced me to aged gouda. Cheese is all about appreciation and understanding.
      Your statement about understatement is not lost on me and I get it. It is where I am from, but you see, I have seen the other side. Philly is not the other side but what I love in the city, is not just the movie, but ALSO the movie. Understatement is dignified and appropriate but there is value in dancing because you feel like it and not because you are good at it. There is value in singing to sing and not as a performance. I come from a world where no matter how you feel, you keep your mouth shut unless you have practiced and you have an appreciative audience before you.
      I’m still learning not to do that.
      Philly may have have a chip of cheese on its shoulder but it sings if it feels like it.

      1. Understatement is not always dignified and much more interesting when it’s not.

        Try Claudios sometime. Amazing house olive oil I’ve been using since you were 10 yrs old.

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