Your Chance at Owning the Originals: Art Auction

All the paintings below will be auctioned off in the next two weeks with NO MINIMUM bid. The live auction will be a local event but is offering a pre-auction opportunity to all readers to place bids or reserve paintings in advance of the event. All items will be sold. In order to reserve an original, payment must be received before the event, tentatively June 2nd.

You may post bids or send requests to



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12 responses to “Your Chance at Owning the Originals: Art Auction

  1. Lindsey

    Can I bid $50.00 on Jordan River?

  2. Sending a bid to your email. Closed auction for now, then? And how do we know a reserve price to send $?

  3. current bids:
    Green bass-$100
    Green Trumpet-$100
    Step Show-$500
    Jordan River- $50
    Samuel the Lamanite- $25
    Reflection Pond- $20

  4. TRB

    How much for Tintin? Need to bring him back to Chicago where he used to belong…though clearly he’s found is reasons for being in NYC.

  5. Bid- $300. Reflecting Pond.

  6. Lindsy

    Step show has always been one of my favs. too bad I can’t compete.

  7. Lisa

    No bids on Rasta? I’ve always loved that one. And Step Show. And Green Guitar. I’ll send you a note on my bids then….

  8. Nielsen

    Blue Trio – $25
    Headphones – $15
    DeeJay – $10

  9. Bid-
    Green guitar- $50
    Shoes on the Wire- $50
    Kala Ginger Ale- $50

  10. lisarszymanski

    So did you get my bids? Emailed them…

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