What is Next?

School ended rather abruptly. Not that the end wasn’t visible, just that it required a flurry of activity to prepare for, and then it was done.

It is in fact done.

Job hunting is like fishing. You bait a hook with hope and throw it out into the deep. You ask all the locals where the best spots to cast are, some even hire an outfitter to show the way. then there is a bite! You reel and reel only to find a minnow or even a boot at the other end. I think I hooked the big one but when my hook reached the surface it was bare.

Fishing for fun is one thing, fishing to eat is quite another.

So in the mean time I go about my business as cheaply as possible. and by “my business” I of course mean wandering through streets and events, conducting my folk ethnography.

This is not Penn, but I love it too.

No longer having assigned reading I took the opportunity to read something light for fun. I downloaded Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned onto my iPhone. He is a classic author and it was free.

This was a horrible idea. A tale of irresponsible decadence wasted by depressed and spoiled people is not what one should do at the end of an ivy league experience.

Adam Patch had it all and did nothing with it. I don’t quite have it all, but surely I have something.

I have a lot to offer and as a result…

I re-bait the hook with its dose of hope and cast again. and again.

And again…


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