People at Penn: Graduation Part II

There were just so many of these. Perhaps I’ve been a little ruined due to my reading two F. Scott Fitzgerald books already since school ended.

There are those who dislike pomp and circumstance. It has its place and this was it.

the setup


Strike up the band! Here we go!

The guy with the beard, shades, and scarf… wins.



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One response to “People at Penn: Graduation Part II

  1. Brohammas

    Although I am very much enjoying the graduation festivities, I am more so interested in what happens after graduation. So if your blog could kindly re-focus on issues after one graduates, it would be very well appreciated. I have dedicated a-lot of time and energy into following your blog and would appreciate any consideration towards giving us some practical and useful insight regarding a graduate’s life after graduation, in other words, when one graduates, as a graduate, from graduate school, do they in fact graduate in terms of life? Congraduation!

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