Good Friends Celebrating my Graduation.

I spent the entire day doing what should have been done ages ago; cleaning my office.

One years worth of assigned readings and my effort to support the logging industry.

It was some first class excavating and I came upon a new technique for removing dirt from historical objects. By inhaling at least 90% of the dust bunnies and Egyptian sand under the futon, I had much less to sweep up, and the area was left clean. I on the other hand was left with a stuffed nose and 2 collapsed lungs. When the Mrs. and Littlehammas left to go get the other Littlehammas from school, I collapsed on the couch to rest and concentrate on breathing.

I was roused from my stupor by a phone call from an incredibly short Dr. “Hey, come outside for a minute,” he told me through the phone. Barefoot and wheezing I tipped out to his car where he informed me I was getting in. I protested and recounted my scheduled meeting for that evening. He smiled and told me he had cancelled my meeting. I went and got my shoes on.

I won’t recount the whole event, I did that already some time ago (  click here ), but this time made me incredibly happy.

DiBruno Bros. purveyors of celestial foods.

As we walked down 9th street I saw the guys up ahead loitering around the entrance. They were the usual suspects except for one who was slightly larger and furrier than the others. “Seriously man? I don’t know if I should be more surprised to see you in town or to see you wearing a jacket!” He just kinda smiled and shrugged his tweed jacketed shoulders. We all exchanged greeting and congratulations then  got ready to start the sampling. As we turned to enter, Ian the cheese monger looked around curiously and asked, “uh where’s the beer?” After explaining who and what we were Ian won our hearts with the sort of knowing joke we don’t get very often, “Oh, sorry about the alcohol thing, but at least we have all sorts of food you can store in your basement for three years.” Well done Ian.


I have done this a few times before. It never gets old. Each time has been a little different, there is always a new twist. Like what Zeke called the DiBruno gluten free ravioli, aka cheese wrapped in salami. We were also presented with a cheese ball made of lemon tinted goat cheese rolled in candied cashews. We skipped the crackers and used sugar cookies to scoop with. My kinda guys.


It was good to get the band back together. We talked about the good old days (2 years ago), root beer, and parenthood. I ate too much, laughed just enough, and had to climb in through my window thanks to me leaving without my keys.

Thank you gentlemen. I am blessed.

Thank you
Made the trip up from VA. Thank you Jana for letting him go.

One thought on “Good Friends Celebrating my Graduation.

  1. I know I’m not part of the “gang” but man if I was home it would have been a blast to be part of. I LOVE that place. Fun to photograph as well. So glad you had a great time!

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