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4 responses to “Stairs

  1. 🙂 Very nice collection.

  2. Yo Adrian

    These photos of the staircase have prompted me to consider the ups and downs of life. Speaking of which, after you graduate, will you be climbing up the stairs or going down?

    What type of job do you have lined up? I for one, am a struggling intellectual, trying to find my lot in life, whether it be dedicating myself to the cause on behalf of the Leprechauns in Mulligan or trying to earn me a few sheckles, I am looking for inspiration. So please inspire me and other Ph.D.s and let me know what your career plans are after graduation.

    • I think I’m in an M. C. Escheresque sort of simultaneous ascension and descending with no obvious destination. Shekels are needed to fund any good study and my experience is that Mulligan has been studied but there is a gap in the literature regarding Brigadoon.

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