People at Penn: Spring Fling

Now that you have seen graduate students, I give you something else. Driving down the streets of West Philadelphia, through campus, you may see a tall wall with windows and gargoyles.  This wall is here for your own protection.


On the other side, in this cloistered space, is where the other side lives…

The above photo was taken at noon on the second day of Spring Fling. At noon the day before I saw a kid fall over on Locust Walk wearing a Camel-back half full of an illicit liquid.

I recall the scout camps of my youth as carefree and fun filled. Then I went back to scout camp as a scoutmaster and all the fun was gone, replaced with the responsibility of trying to keep a bunch of kids, intent on killing themselves and each other, from dying.

This weekend was sort of the same thing.

I was the guy wearing headphones and a two-way radio walking around next to the 6’4″ cop. My role was to convince uncooperative and intoxicated youth to comply before my companion was required to “take action.”

Tha above acapella group was a nice mix of Andy  aka “Nard Dog” Bernard, and Rodney Dangerfield. Plaid boxer shorts a smoking jacket, and a stage; all I needed was Oingo Boingo.

And then, of course…

At this point I should probably disclose that I am wearing seersucker pants myself as I write this.

I think some time next week they plant ivy.


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One response to “People at Penn: Spring Fling

  1. Rob Coxx

    “illicit liquid” – literally. who are you.

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