Study Spot of the Day

Wharton exec ed building



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2 responses to “Study Spot of the Day

  1. Love the Blog!

    In selecting your study spot for the day, can you please share with your audience the type of things you look for, whether it be aesthetics, proxmity to a water fountain, the firmness or lack thereof of the chair, or the particular prestige of the building (for instance, I notice you never study in basements or plant maintenance related areas). Much appreciated.

    • My two main priorities are new and interesting. By new I mean new to me, as most places here are old. After that it depend on what I have to do that day. If I am just reading, I can go anywhere, if I have to write I will need an outlet for the laptop. I did explore the basement of the Arch building once. It was hard to get a good picture.

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