I’ve known her almost 13 years, been married almost 12. I did good.

No, it is not hers.

Not our boat

Not a relative

Not our neighborhood.

Not bad at all.

Not her show... but it should be.

Not an iPhone

Not paying attention to the ceiling.

Not her hair.

I'm Not even in her league.

Not a bad life at all.

I love her. I am a lucky man.



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10 responses to “Valentines

  1. Not bad? NOT BAD??? Are you kidding?? You married so way over your pay level its not funny. Kay ROCKS!

  2. Lindsey

    Cutest Valentine EVER! You should give my hubby lessons. Or perhaps I should write one for him, as I obviously married way out of my league too. He can bench press me *and* he makes my lunch every day. Yeah, one thing our awesome parents taught us was to look for someone way better than us and then trick them into marrying us…at leas I assume that how you did it too…

  3. Looks like she likes to have fun. Nice photo essay.

  4. Ann

    You do have one fine valentine! I’m sure she thinks she’s lucky, too.

  5. Allison

    Who doesn’t love her?!

  6. Mitch

    Those were beautiful pictures and a great tribute. Uhm, watch out for low ceilings in hotels.

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