The Up-Side

In the digital world of stories, images, style, or lifestyle, the picture we bloggers paint is whatever we choose. It is slanted, rosy, or simply what we want it to be no matter what it really IS.

Not everything is rosy. It isn’t all fun.

But that is the real world. Here I can, if  I choose, just show stuff I like. There is enough in my day that I do not like, that today I choose to just post stuff from real life worth really liking.

Alley next to PAFA

Italian Market on 9th St.

a Daddy.

Living and studying in a place that tourists think worthy of visiting.

unplanned visit from family.



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2 responses to “The Up-Side

  1. HI BOTH BROS!!!!! (Did you HEAR that?)

  2. lindsey

    AAAAAAAAAA!!! So jealous! Miss you bros! I could use an unplanned visit from family.

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