Because it is a Day of Service: or Because They asked

This wasn’t today, but I like it. I should probably not admit that I took the photo while driving.

I st. and Kensington

We got to paint on the walls at school today. Not my school, my kid’s. We, as in I had help. I’ve never had help before.

I’m going to offer up that cinder block walls are close to my least favorite surface to paint on, but mother’s of elementary school kids are possibly the most doting art admirers I have interacted with. Not my best work, but probably my best venue, and by far my best company/teammate. 



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3 responses to “Because it is a Day of Service: or Because They asked

  1. Ann

    Way to capture that sky, even if you were driving, and I love that you were able to paint the school walls. Marlee will now be a celebrity by association among her peers thanks to your contribution.

  2. The shot of the sky is beautiful.

  3. Lindsey

    lol! You always get permission to graffiti! I remember the saddest thing about tearing down the old Jordan High was that my brother did a mural in the weight room and I wouldn’t be able to brag about it. Love the artwork! And your helper is pretty dang cute too.

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