Why Philadelphia

Someone once asked me why I would choose to live in the city if I didn’t have too.

Here is a sample of what I saw today and my answer.












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7 responses to “Why Philadelphia

  1. I need to hang with you more often… the barber shop needs to be photographed…. Great looking sandwich…

  2. JD

    I love big cities as well but always choose to live in Suburbia. It is a sacrifice I make for safe neighborhoods and good schools for the kids. I always miss being so close to it when I visit. We just took family pictures in Dallas and chose an urban area known as “Deep Ellum” and it had me wishing I lived closer to that culture and style. Great pics.

  3. Webber

    Beautiful shots! Dunno if you are aware, but will be a flower market in Chinatown on the 21st, rare for our town and I think you might get some more great shots there. Really enjoy your blog, nice to see another Ginger Beer fan.

  4. (Gotta’ get that satellite lamp.)

    People used to ask why I stayed in Riverside instead of moving to L.A..
    I like going to the city – I just could not stand living there.

    (You ARE getting better with that camera BTW.)

  5. Where is that Barber Shop? I want to check it out!!

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