One Semester Down, but Not Out

I read a lot of books and articles.  This is one semester of grad school.

I expected the workload to be heavy, but I did not expect this. I should have photographed the Dr. Seuss I supplemented this with at home, or perhaps the discussion group my seven year held around the table and in the car regarding her having read Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She is also looking forward to holding me accountable for my report card. Aaaah karma.

Now maybe I am just old, strike that, I am old, and because of this I expected all the above but I did not foresee the below.

I swear they are just kids... no I'm just old.

No, its not that I failed to foresee classmates, but rather having a cohort of cool people I actually like. I normally have no problem liking people, in fact I’m quite good at liking people, but this was sort of ridiculous. Now forgive my cheese, after all I attended three functions this last week that included brie, but dog-gone-it, the admissions people at this place picked some fine folks.

I did not move here for school, I have a home, I have a life that pre-dates my cohort. I don’t need them, still I like them. I recall that guy in undergrad, the one you look at and wonder, “how did he get here?” I have looked and he is not here. She isn’t here either. Now that is not to say everyone is normal, need I remind you of the elf guy from a previous post?

I pulled out my calendar and crossed off the last day of the semester. I’m done. My program only has one more and I’m knocking on my wooden desk right now, but after all the stress, all the work, all the chaos of jumbled schedules, I’m still enjoying this.

And even better than a dancing elf in class… Claire’s reaction.

6 thoughts on “One Semester Down, but Not Out

  1. Ahhh, grad school. Do you find yourself wondering why everyone doesn’t have an undergraduate degree after seeing how much more demanding grad school is? It looks like you are having a great time with a lot of great people. I miss academia, having been a working stiff for the last 7 years. I miss the atmosphere and the desire to learn something new just for the opportunity to add something new to your field of knowledge. Enjoy your last semester, soon you will be out and you will miss it.

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