Penn’s Unexpected

There are some things you don’t necessarily expect to see on campus. such as…

Breakdancing. Kinda looks like he just fell, but he was in fact dancing.
A large group of Asian school girls.
A hawk and a squirrel sharing a branch. No really, this was right over the main walk.
Ben Franklin getting a credit card.
the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
An elf twirling candy canes in class.

Then there are some things you absolutely expect to see on campus. Such as…

History professors in tweed with elbow patches.
Some kid playing the violin.
A limo waiting outside of Wharton.
Free massages in the student lounge.

That is the joy of school, or at least it is school. That wonderful mix of “I’m paying for this?” and “I’m paying for this!” Either way, I’m surely learning something.

Tweed and tie + elf = college.

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