Extracurriculars, week in review

It’s not all study spots… but mostly it is.

There was this place too.

There was some politiligous (I coined the word. It will catch on, just wait) events as well.

Community and religious leaders symposium

There was as always plenty of commuting

Underneath Broad and Lehigh
Broad and Wyoming

Not everything is underground and urban, or even collegiate.

Best rugby ball ever created... good player too.
"With you, on the left"

And, I finally got kicked out of my first “Study Spot of the Day”.

I find these study spots by simply walking into buildings I haven’t been in before and finding a place to get comfortable. I figured that if I wasn’t supposed to be there someone would let me know. Finally, someone let me know.

Study spot of about 15 minutes before I got the boot.

Really? I say if they don’t want me in the stadium they should lock the door. “Closed practice?” I wonder if they could use another coach? I may be available next season.

Till then…

I'm hangin' out with these guys


Oh yeah… and a driving lesson

He's a better student than I am a teacher. neither of us know what we are doing.

2 thoughts on “Extracurriculars, week in review

  1. Driving lessons – wow! You’re extra nice. I love your clandestine picture taking … “Yes, let me just check my calendar. {click} OK, that will be fine!”

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