Prep at Penn, or more modern Ivy.

There has been much complaint of the lack of “Ivy style” at today’s Ivy schools. I am in no way expert on style, Ivy or otherwise, nor am I an expert on the goings on on at other institutions. I am not even an expert on what is happening at my own school.

But I am here and I a have a camera. Well, my phone has a camera and I have no shame. Exhibits A through whatever…

I'm pretty sure I have seen the experts display madras GTH pants


Nantucket Reds? I'm sure I have read of them.


That my friends is an undergrad in a bowtie.


And this is another kind of tie... and a Mom.


Perhaps style is not the issue but the apparent conflicting weather reports displayed here.


Anger aside, I'm pretty sure I have seen this look in a catalog.


Again, not an expert here but I think this guy is doing alright.



Now this is just textbook (that's a pun).



And finally; I'm sure all of these folks will soon be this guy.

 Here is evidence, carry on with your discussions.



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3 responses to “Prep at Penn, or more modern Ivy.

  1. maybe365

    bow ties are cool.

  2. GEEZ. What happened to the frayed oxford, army surplus look? These kids are so serious. You’ve still got your humor, I hope.

  3. @voegtlin, I’m not sure I have my humor, but plenty of people find looking at me to be hilarious.

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