On Campus, Penn

Fall break has ended. I say ended but my program didn’t get a fall break so what I really mean is everyone else finally came back to class.

Locust Walk

My studies consist of reading, then reading, some writing, some talking, but then more reading, and to do so I need a chair. I want it to be comfortable and in hopes of finding one, I wander.

Great location but already taken

My quest has taken me to many unexplored corners of campus that apparently are only unexplored to me. Some give up the search and just take what they find.

I think it was appropriately Ben Franklin who said, "A man who wears two watches never knows the time."

I have at times found the perfect chair, then found it wasted on the unappreciative (the young), set in the wrong location, and while empty… still unavailable.

Explain the mattress to me. Where is John Belushi?

I think its the case with all of us who wander, that there is somewhere inside, or even somewhere quite literal, where we are supposed to be. We are simply searching for it, or more likely, avoiding it.

My assigned chair looks a lot like the one I used to complain about back before school. Sigh



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4 responses to “On Campus, Penn

  1. Looks like pictures on your screen and NOT homework… What is the jacket? The Warthogs?

  2. So bring in a chair and chain it to your assigned spot.
    I can’t wait to hear more – what happened with bringing the family in to meet a class?

  3. Kappa Sigma

    Those chairs were for the game that was viewed later that night outside adjacent to a portable fire pit and a television. As for the mattresses “rush.”

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