Around Town, the Weekend

Having spent the weekend in hallowed halls of learning, I switched it up and spent my weekend in hallowed… ruins of once grimy, now disgusting places. No really, I did.

My "photographer" doesn't want you to know exactly where this is. I claim I knew about the place first.

John Barclay was hosting one of his photography course/tours, and they needed someone as ugly as the surroundings to stand before the lenses.  They were paying so I was game.  Hallowed halls are expensive.

There was no saying "cheese" but it smelled like fetta.

We began at  7am on an abandoned pier once used to load inland coal onto ocean going ships.  We then went to Eastern State Penitentiary, where those who once offloaded bootlegged goods spent restful hours, or years, once their career was ended. I frequent only the finest locations.

Training at the pier. "Yo Adrian!"

Even the incarcerated needed dental care... only the finest.

Keeping in the theme of things or places that once were, the family joined me for the flee-market afterward. Lots of dusty old stuff, some cool stuff, and a pair of yellow ladies gloves my seven year old simply had to have.  She spent her own money, bartered the woman down to $3 from $4, and did not care that they did not fit.

MAny Philly places boast that George Washington once slept here, or maybe Ben Franklin; but this place boasts Al Capone.

Great pennant! I did not buy it, I already have the t-shirt.

And of course, as always, I simply slept my Sunday away… not really.



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4 responses to “Around Town, the Weekend

  1. We had a good time! Thanks for being the stud model..

  2. Thanks so much for coming out to help us Dalyn! You did a great job – I’ll send you some photos soon Judy

  3. We so enjoyed having you model for us Dalyn, thanks again! Phyllis Burchett

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