Trad Illustrations

Some ideas are good, some are great, and some belong on the cutting room floor.  Sometimes, when an idea is imagined, its hard to tell in which category the plan belongs.  That’s what phones and email are for.  I called John.

Image as seen at

I knew I had bothered the right person when he knew who Leyendecker was with no explanation. He suggested I don’t just do some paintings, but I make it a blog.  Imagine that, a blogger suggesting you start a blog, groundbreaking.

I have already written about who Tinseth is, and what he does, and he has already told me my shoes are horrible a million times.  I don’t always listen to him.  I still refuse to wear a madras jacket, I regularly wear denim, but I do need new shoes.

He was right about the blog thing too.

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