When What You Don’t See, Matters

When I sit down to paint, I often just sit and stare.  I look at the work in progress and imagine what I’ll do next, visualize how I will do it, and then once I’m done, I just stare some more.  Hopefully it’s because the finished product is worth staring at.

Sometimes the image stares back.

I did this sketch, just for fun. I found the image in Flusser’s book, liked it and scribbled it out.  Its nice enough, but if you have seen the photo you would know that there is a son missing.  The man has two sons, I lost interest before I got to the smaller boy holding the fishing pole.  Now when I stare at the image all I see is the glaring hole to the man’s left.  There is an offended ghost looking back at me sulking that his brother has become the favorite.

There is now meaning to this doodle.  It has gone from exercise in pen and ink, to essay on father/son and sibling relationships.

All thanks to what I did not draw.

Today I post this image at www.dalynart.com I painted it because I liked the look.  Two “Trady” guys sitting on a bench waiting on the Greyhound.  Add some late 30’s font and voila! Old school Greyhound add…. sorta.

This is the image I referenced for the painting.

These are Freedom Riders sitting in a holding cell after being arrested for riding an integrated bus.  As I was looking through some old images I was struck by how presentably appointed these young people were.  I look at blogs throughout my day and many said sites would suggest people today should dress the way they did then.  I like the way they acted; what they did and why.  So I did a painting.

It isn’t over the top or preachy.  It stands on its own as a stylish ad.  But an add for what?


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