A Mention in the Deseret News

So I get a Facebook message from an old friend saying he always expected to see my name in the paper, but always assumed it would be followed by the word “convicted”.


Thanks Keith and Vai.



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7 responses to “A Mention in the Deseret News

  1. I enjoyed the article. Bishop Montgomery is all grows up. He grows up and he grows up and he grows up…

  2. Fantastic. What a great article.

  3. Congrats! Always an ego boost. I’ have been informed that I may soon appear in the Japan Times (a coincidence, it was supposed to be in Metropolis Magazine, which made me do a double take at your own earlier post. Metropolis is the most well known English weekly in Tokyo). Photos have been taken, but we do not yet know how much art space will appear (I’m a source, not the subject of the article).

  4. Peeped that article but felt the opposite.
    I moved from an integrated environment in SoCal to a heavily segregated one here in the South.
    I long for a culture which is not only Black but which has influences from everyone.

    • UBJ, I think the term for the type of place you are looking for is “cosmopolatin”. I am continually surprised by people who have or know One thing and are content to make that thier every and only thing. I’m waaay to ADD for that.

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