Growing Ivy, the University of Pennsylvania

Last year, while travelling up and down the coast, I visited and wrote about all the Ivy League schools.  I did not however post them all.  I left one out.  I had my reasons.

I did not pay one visit to the University of Pennsylvania, I paid many.  When I say paid I do mean in both parking and parking tickets.  That makes not only visits to all the ivy schools but also parking fines at Princeton, Brown, and my hometown institution, Penn.

Founder reading to his first student

One would think Benjamin Franklin founded this whole city; he did not.  But he did found Penn. In  1743 the original American Renaissance man sent around a pamphlet encouraging the founding of a non sectarian school, something new for this new world.  In 1749 Philadelphia did just that when a board met and created the country’s fourth college, and the nation’s first multidisciplinary curriculum. This curriculum turned out 8 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 9 signers of the Constitution, and 26 Nobel Prize winners.

It’s been around a long time.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology... lotsa mummies.

I’m not sure but I think Ben Franklin invented football as well.  If that isn’t true then it should be.  While Penn has manufactured Doctors and business men, it also manufactured John Heisman.  If you were unaware John Heisman is that one guy whose name is on that one football statue doing that football pose, you know, the one everyone does.  That was Penn.

Littlehammas 1.0, 30 minutes old. What... you didn't do this when your first was born?

A strange haired television personality known for having lots of money and recurring bankruptcies claims Penn, the jury is out on if Penn claims him.

The star of this season’s Bachelorette is a current student at Penn.  A friend of a friend tells me she is currently wearing a ring and it is huge.

Penn definitely claims singer John Legend, as they should.

Penn has laid claim to lots of notable individuals and accomplishments…

I don't know who this is... I couldn't stop to read the sign as my meter had expired.

It will yet lay claim to more.

Entrance to the football stadium, site of the first pro-football game ever televised.


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