Forgetful Gentleman

There is a saying about a road that is paved with good intentions. I am like the civil engineer of those types of roads.

To avoid unnecessary burden or hurt feelings, my family randomly draws names every Christmas season to decide who buys gifts for whom.  It has become less of a raffle and more of Russian Rullet as to whose name I draw. 

I have never failed to purchase a fantastic gift.  But I almost always fail to get the gift to the recipient before October.  True story.

I have recently been the receiver of other’s generosity and have been inspired to repent of my forgetful ways, but as with most of us on that wrong path, we cannot correct ourselves, ourselves. 

Enter Forgetful Gentleman.

I wrote a short email and before I knew it, well before Christmas, Santa (wearing his summer time brown outfit) brought me the answer to my problems.  Well, maybe not the answer to all my issues, but surely on a road less intentional and more full of action.  Shouldn’t we be men of action?

I was sent an engraved wooden box with a velvet interior.  To the left were embossed cards for all occasions: birthday, thank you, get well, and love.  To the right was first a manual written with the intent of instructing the sinner as to the appropriate course of action (in this case writing), and underneath were the tools needed to bring intention to fruition; stamped envelopes.

I did not learn it in school, but I have come to know, that class is learned.  Class is not enough to be internal, class is shown by how one acts.  Thank you notes are nothing unless they are sent.

I sent a thank you note!  A new leaf?  Perhaps.  We will know for sure come December.

My wedding was eleven years ago, is it too late to send thank you cards?

Special thank you to Nate Tan at Forgetful Gentlemen for giving me something to aspire too, and the finest box of cards I have ever seen.



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8 responses to “Forgetful Gentleman

  1. I’ll be checking my mailbox….

  2. Natalie

    Truly one of the best gifts. Hand written cards are so meaningful no matter the occasion. Great gift! Especially with stamped envelopes!

  3. Buffy

    I do believe I received a thank you from your wedding….yet I rarely do from anyone’s anymore. All the beautiful social graces of yesteryear are being replaced by email, or worse yet, nothing. I personally love having a nice little piece of paper in my hands, thanking me for my minimal efforts for something. That box is beautiful and if I thought that the Walrus could or would use one I’d get it for him. As it is, he relies upon his social secretary to make him look good. (That would be the same woman who cleans, cooks, pays bill, mows the lawn, walks the dog and remembers all occasions large and small within our lives) (She is not well remunerated).

  4. So, just the other night – one of many insomniatic nights this week – one short stream of thoughts included you, Christmas, and self-evaluating my current forgiveness capacities.

    Also, thought of what wonderful hosts you and Kay were when we got to visit last month and how I didn’t send the thank yous I wanted to… I know I said it then, but I don’t know if you know how much all of us really meant it. I love you, big Brohammas.

  5. Lisa

    Hey! That’s really cool! I’d love to have one of those! Unfortunately, I think I’d look at that box EVERY day and tell myself, “Hey! I need to get those cards sent out!”….until it starts becoming The Box of Guilt as it gathers dust. Mainly because I’m still intending to get it done.
    (I wrote cards and had them all stacked up to go after I first got married – and didn’t send out a single one…the excuse that time was not being able to afford the postage… So Buffy? Thanks for the wedding gift, albeit via email and 20 years later!)

  6. Me;
    Black envelopes and paper with gold-ink makers to write the address and the letters inside are written in pencil (kind of hard to read but I’ve done this for years so people get used to it).
    These is just something about being able to touch something.

  7. JD

    I linked to this blog and your art blog on mine as part of one of these blog award deals. No obligation to play, but I wanted you to know I gave you a shout out.

  8. Are you a bishop? That totally looks like a standard-issue bishop’s office.

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