On Immigration

If this is the result of immigration…

Cinnamon, vanilla, rice, and almond... yes please. Trust me on this one.

 then LET THEM COME! The southern end of the Italian market is no longer Italian and I am 100% fine with this. Thanks to affordable horchata concentrate I am on my way to Texas to make a speech, “Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!”

11 thoughts on “On Immigration

  1. I had one, iced, in Santa Fe with my enchilada platter. They had a handwritten sign that said “Try our new Horchata” and I did. Everyone else was too skeptical, I took a chance and was glad I did. When you get to Texas stop by and we’ll have a glass together.

  2. You should be careful what you wish for in regards to Obama tearing down the wall, it may cost you your employment as a full-time blogger.

    PS — When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

    1. You are just jelous becawse I beleeeve in sciiiance. Besides, I think most immigrants of any status get paid more than this blog pays me. I take that back, who can put a value on countless adoring fans?

  3. Concentrated horchata mix? sign me up! I bought a powdered mix once at the Mexican market in Logan and it was yucky. I’ll have to scour my specialty markets for this. On the other hand, a new Mexican restaurant just opened up, I’ll have to see what they have…

  4. Actually, I like the real Mexican rice drink and this one looks good, but I will have to agree somewhat with Nacho Libres. Are you saying let illegal aliens
    cross our borders? And are you actually going to Texas to give a speech?

    1. Wait, you agree with Naco? Does this mean you wear stretchy pants for fun? I only wrote about horchata and I’m sure no one in Texas cares what I have to say.

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