Review of Fourth Festivity and Not Judging a Band by its Cover

National birthdays are best celebrated in the nation’s birthplace.

Last year I highlighted all you can eat ice cream a.k.a. reason for living, this year it was the “Party on the Parkway”.

Birds eye view of said parkway

For those unfamiliar, the “Parkway” is the road connecting the Philadelphia Museum of Art to City Hall which sits at the center of the city.  For this, and any other occasion that calls for collective celebration, car traffic is diverted and pedestrians rule the way.  Beginning at noon, just after the parade, vendors opened shop, bands began playing on the stage, and revelers reveled.

We arrived early to enjoy the free bouncy castle, face painting, make and take crafts; essentially all things kid.  I will spare you the cute pictures… trust me they are cute.

allow me to bring you along for a walk down the parkway. 

I can't do this... and by "this" I mean go out in public with no shirt and bike shorts. I would be scare the children.

When cars are moved out, the street performers move in.  I think I have seen these same guys up in NYC.  If not, then there is a school somewhere that teaches classes on jokes and stunts that the students then carry out to cities across the country.  Whether it was the same guys or just the same act, I’m still amused by watching someone do a front flip over the head of a nervous tourist.

Just a few yards away was the yin to this high flying yang.

I can't do this either... all my tires are attached to my car.

I have seen strong man competitions on TV, know a guy who competes in them, but this was my first live experience.  I think I got a hernia just watching.  While lifting 1000 lbs off the ground is impressive, the facial expressions left quite an impression.  I would have teased them for looking so silly, which I always did while watching TV,  but for someone reason I felt compelled to be very polite with these guys face to face in real life. I wonder why?

A few more yards down the road was a stage.  While one act was finishing up, I saw these guys getting ready.

How could I NOT want to hear this band?

Cream suits and a boater hat!?  Kids, you can forget the bouncy castle, we are watching these guys.

The lineup called them the “Chin Chins”.  It did not list a genre or style, but I liked their style so decided to stick around.

Chin Chin in action

I will give them this, they played their hearts out.  Only problem was the sounds they made in doing so.  I was disappointed.  It was like looking at a beautiful chocolate cake only to bite into it and find out is was plastic.  It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t chocolate cake.

After such being let down on the live music front we made a great decision; we went home.  There, with the air conditioning on, sitting on a comfortable couch, we turned on the TV and watched where we had just been.  Had we wanted to, we could have gotten back in the car and gone back.  But we didn’t.

Knowing there is fun to be had if we want it, is part of the fun.  The Roots concert was great, the fireworks were spectacular, and the couch was the best.

Till next year.



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2 responses to “Review of Fourth Festivity and Not Judging a Band by its Cover

  1. I saw The Roots live too! They were great. Glad to hear yours was a good show too! Sounds like a busy day!

  2. lindsey

    I would have gone for the ice cream…

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