Yo Adriaaaaan!

It just felt right to watch Rocky run up the steps, the camera swings around to show the city, while we are sitting seeing the same view, and hearing the crowd all around us cheer.



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13 responses to “Yo Adriaaaaan!

  1. And now I’ve got that song stuck in my head….

  2. But did anyone throw stuff at you or yell obscene things? 🙂

    • Perhaps if I spent more time mocking presidential children or indentifying the antichrist on national radio i would have been a target, but in this instance, the only target was Apollo Creed.

  3. Lindsey

    Bro, I’m still waiting for the awesome write-up of how the best time in your whole life was when your sisters visited…

  4. {You always have a smart reply, dontchya?} Looks like a lot of fun. Makes me cry a little (a lot) that we were not there.

  5. Trailer Trad

    Hey Brohammas.

    I have a July 4th Message for you from the Keebler Elves that jumped ship and are now working at Krispy Kreme. –

    You know that ‘West Coast Fogettable Blogger? You know the one. Those Keebler Elves say that “he is one fudged up donut bag.” -And they have a special neon sign that says ‘HOT’ when the donuts come out so they know a thing or two….Ruck on.

  6. You mr. Trailer Trad… which BTW might just be the best name in the interwebs, have made my evening. Except for your invoking the name of Krispy Kreme. Since moving north I miss them deeply. We almost moved when the only one near our home (and I use the word near liberally) closed down and was replaced for that awful shop with the repetative D’s.

    When we drove forever to visit a newly opened Krispy Kreme, the knucklehead in line before us ordered one dozen mixed donuts!?! I love this city but really folks? the sign is on and you order mixed donuts?

    I salute your fourth message and with chin held high reply… “ruck over.”

  7. Wow, that would have been really cool to see.

  8. Lisa

    FYI: All mine are posted on flickr, ripe for your picking… would you prefer a different format?

  9. Rocky is a great movie, I love it! The song always gets me motivated. Looks like you had a great time!

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