Anyone Speak Russian?

Same old story, nuthin new…

Mormon white guy raised in Utah does a Rastafarian themed painting that gets bootlegged in Russia.  Heard this one a million times.

… at least I think its Russian.педагогика

6 thoughts on “Anyone Speak Russian?

  1. The title of the article is Dalyn, Zhenja (which is Eugene, I guess) and Glory…

    The article is basically about plagiarism and how this guy totally got caught copying your work. And others. And (I think) he was trying to teach master classes in design.

    My Russian’s pretty mediocre, though.

  2. Kurt, you are the man! Not just because you can speak Russian but because you basically told me I don’t have to travel to go kick some plaigerist tail, because he’s been caught, and also apparently Russians think my work is worthy of masters design teachers. Wait… or maybe its not and thats why he got caught… either way Kurt rules.

  3. It does suck that he did not make contact with you though… would have been nice. On the flip side, I had someone call about my work recently after their graphic designer said.. you need to contact the photographer first… I love when the GD’s are on our side and telling their client to do the right thing!

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not of this world. Anytime you see a 6 in the middle of the word, or it starts with a drawing of the Eiffel Tower…’s an Alien.

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