Clothing Makes the Man

There is a man in my office who wears a tie.

The fact that this is notable speaks to the sartorial state of the office in general, clients do not walk in, the boss regularly wears tennis shoes, and our windows have a view of the golf course’s parking lot.

Then there is this guy.

He is about a decade older than the rest of us, but not yet old. He is tall, bearded, bespectacled, and round in the middle.  He is in no way eloquent, not exceptionally witty, and I don’t get the impression he is a big sports fan.  He is friendly but not extroverted, the type of guy that can tend to become furniture in a crowd.

He might be my favorite person in this place and I’m not exactly sure why.

I think it’s the tie, or maybe the suspenders.

Being the only guy in the office wearing a tie, while being at the bottom of the leader board, looks a bit desperate.  Being older than the rest and wearing suspenders seams out-of-date.

With all of this taken into consideration, again, he may be my favorite person here, and I think it is in fact his clothes.

He does it right.

He dresses in a way that makes you notice the inconspicuous, overlook the shortcomings, and simply appreciate him for… who knows?  You just do.



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5 responses to “Clothing Makes the Man

  1. Dude, I love well designed and functional clothes.
    Early Morning
    (Winter) NIcely matched track suit with matching Shox (Monster or NZ)
    (Summer) Long cargo shorts, Nat Nast short sleeved shirt and Shox (Monster or Classics)
    (W) Jeans, zip-front mock sweater, Donald Plliner boots, matching peacoat
    (S) Khakis, Robert Graham shirt, Cole-Hann or Donald Pliner
    (W) Valentino, Armani, Jayne Barnes in natural fabrics and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes with an overcoat
    (S) Same brands but lighter weights and slimmer cuts with Pliner or Ferragamo shoes.
    (W&S) – Any mix of formal wear in my closet but almost always a pair of silk opera shoes.

  2. I did buy suspenders over the weekend for my wedding….I almost….ALMOST thought about wearing them today. I didn’t want to look like Garahm from Master Chef though, so I passed.

  3. The pictures are great! I love wearing ties. It always makes you feel more important!

  4. I agree about ties but say you should feel important first, then wear the tie to appropriately communicate what you already know.

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