A Short Road Trip, An Old Question

My ventures have recently been relegated to the weekends.

This weekend I again found myself making my way up and down I-95, but unlike the other times, I was not alone.  Not even a little bit.

Trusty Navigator/Passenger Wrangler

Little bits 1 and 2 were in the backseat, and on the way home we picked up little bit #3.  I’m sure there is some mathematical theorem explaining how 2+1=7million decibals; I can’t explain it, but I have experienced it.

Even short trips, with little people, are made long by many stops, which brings up my question.

best roadtrip pants EVER.

Who writes on restroom walls?  No, I suppose that’s not the real question, we can make some assumptions about those who take the time to leave a mark in public lavatories, the real question, one I’m afraid to ask, is does anyone ever call those numbers?

There, between the swastikas and the “N” word, is a phone number.  Is it real?  Whose is it?  Did someone write it as a prank or maybe something worse?

7 thoughts on “A Short Road Trip, An Old Question

  1. This is a funny write up. I remember when I was a young kid seeing those numbers, and there were no cell phones back then. I know I have seen the same scribblings now when we drive places and stop, but for some reason I pay little attention to them now compared to when I was a kid. I do wonder why there has been no adaption to the times… I am surprised I don’t see email addresses or websites these days. I think I should go on a mission to see how many places I can tag Brohammas.com over the Summer…

  2. Q: “Who writes on bathroom walls?”
    A: I’m not sure, but I fight the urge to do it every day at work. However, if you do find writing on the bathroom wall at work, it wasn’t me, I successfully fought the urge that time.

    Q: “Does anyone ever call those numbers?”
    A: I prefer texting, it’s less awkward. That way, if it says “Sasha – 555-5555”, I can just send a text that says “Sasha?”

    Q: “Is it real? Whose is it? Did someone write it as a prank or maybe something worse?”
    A: Yes. Most of the time it’s Jenny’s. I think it’s mostly done as a prank, but unfortunately for the person with the number (Jenny for the most part) it winds up becoming something worse.

    What I REALLY want to know….why the lack of area codes? If your intention is for me to call, an area code makes it much easier. Not to mention, it helps out my phone bill.

    Great post man! The transition killed me. What’s the deal with airline peanuts?

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