A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

of course many of those words are easily lies.

For example, I recently had lunch with my family near the Lincoln Center.

It's true... I had lunch.

 The kids were little angels.

At the sight of a camera the screaming stops... only to begin again once the camera is pointed elsewhere.

Yet something weighed heavily on the tender mind of 1.0

Having recently seen images of Twiggy, the skipping and singing stop at the sight of a camera, replaced by pouting lips and forlorn looks.

All while the Mrs. and I engaged in deep conversation and witty dialogue.

Mostly we tried to remember what time the meter would expire and wondered where the nearest ATM was.

And of course the Brohammasses only shop at the finest locations.  So much so that the family feels comfortable everywhere.

Really this is a great way to test the patience of any clerk at any store. This plus a lack of purchasing power is a great way to make folks downright testy.

At the end of the day, I dowload my pictures, I put kids to bed, and I dream up ways to present nothing to everyone, for who knows why, and in the end… none of us really know.



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9 responses to “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

  1. Uncle Ivy

    You’re are never too young to learn about shirting.

  2. The boys at Brooks Brothers were almost as nervous as that vase on the table.

  3. Uncle Ivy

    My folks used to take us on very similar field trips.
    Next stop, shopping for a new couch!

    I hope they demonstrated some leaping Karate moves for the BB Boys! LOL

  4. So I’m guessing this is what I have to look forward to……

  5. 2button, only if you are incredibly lucky.

  6. Oh, crap….are winkey faces acceptable?

  7. I’m sure emoticons are acceptable somewhere… but not here (sound of knuckles cracking).

    • Good thing I listened to my 80’s (and late 70’s) montage mix tape this morning……I’m pretty sure I know kung fu now……or at least how to not give up when fighting a larger opponent. Not to mention how to get the girl in the end. HA!

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