Tis the Time of Year When my Family Looses Friends

We meet them, we like them, we grow close, then they leave.  At first it was exciting meeting new people, then it was sort of sad, then it got tiring.  I’m not exactly sure what it is now.

San Diego

You know that feeling of being the new kid?  You move, show up not knowing anybody and hope you make friends.  My kid goes through this every year but we aren’t the ones moving.  Kids appear tough and resilient, but I fear they are not.

Sao Paulo
Nor Cal
Bay Area

We say we will visit, and we do want to, but deep down it feels like yearbook day, “Stay cool, have a great summer, let’s hang out.”  The youthful desire and wishful intent is there, but the naiveté is gone; replaced by budgets, schedules, and a touch of defeated sadness.

Vermont, New Jersey, ...the Mainline?

17 thoughts on “Tis the Time of Year When my Family Looses Friends

  1. I think one of the hardest parts of leaving, is knowing how many times you guys have had to say goodbye. I hate being the one doing this to her all over again.

  2. Saying goodbye is always difficult, but one wonderful thing about the place you guys live is that your new friends become your family (and vice-versa), even if just for a short time. These friends (like you guys were to us) are not typical friends, they are lifelong friends. Despite restricted budgets and schedules now, I’m confident that as our kids grow older and important milestones are reached, that we will see each other again to celebrate important moments and remember the good times we experienced together in Philadelphia.

  3. We know the feeling. Good friends of ours have already left for all parts of the world – one is already in Moscow. Many of them remain as followers or friends on twitter and facebook – but it’s not the same. We have learned to be thankful for the short time we have with people – it sounds like you have done the same.

  4. Now I am going to have Boys II Men in my head all day

    Saying “goodbye” is pretty tough. I find it hard at times for me not to think of everything coming to an end in the middle of a trip or outing with friends. I will also say that I hate budgets and schedules. Life was much easier when my biggest worry was getting yelled at by my mom after jumping into the creek with brand new sneakers she just bought for me.

  5. Dude–your post makes me want to cry! I want to get together with everyone and hang out RIGHT NOW!!!!! You guys are just too cool for words and have been such a positive influence in our lives. Let’s find a way to be neighbors after we finish the giant lemonade stand apprentice episode in India.

  6. 8 different schools in 12 years. It’s why I not only never left Minneapolis once I moved here, I’ve lived basically in the same neighborhood for 2+ decades.

  7. good unlce, you are either very educated or very good at expulsion. I applaud you keeping your shirt on and your domicile stability… didn’t Fitzgerald come from minneapolis? We dont move…. everyone around us dose.

  8. That’s sure a serious game of Pass the Pigs!
    Just turn that frown upside down, bro… Think of it this way – you have many many destination points for those future days of travel and many free rooms to crash in! Those are the kinds of friends like Mom&Dad’s….
    “Hey___!! I know we haven’t seen each other for what? 20 years now? But my kid is heading your way and needs a place to crash for the night. D’ya have room in the inn?” That’s what it’s all about! Hey!

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