“Pocket! Pocket!”

The game of rugby, named after the English prep school where it originated, is normally played with two teams of 15 players, competing in a game lasting for two 40 minute halves.  I love that game.

The heaviest, and roundest, 7s squad ever assembled.

Rugby “7s” is played on the same sized field as regular rugby (called rugby “union” by those who consider themselves official), but features two teams of seven competing for two seven minute halves.

Rugby 7s is now an Olympic sport.

This weekend NBC will broadcast live the Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s Tournament.  It is the events second year and my Alma Mater are defending champions.

University of Utah 7s

Last year the games were not hosted by my adopted hometown, this year they are.  I am happy to have a hand in said hosting.

If one is so inclined, and I would hope you are, one might tune into your local NBC affiliate this weekend and watch a few games.  Not only will you enjoy an exciting game and true athletes on display, but you might catch a bit of Brohammas.  No really, you might see me.

Not my house, I was not host… but wait.

The school gave me a degree, so I returned the favor by giving the Utes my tour of Philadelphia.

The Utes at what was the sight of Rocky's boxing gym

We boxed around in a boxing gym, saw Rocky’s house, even ran through the Italian Market, then finished by running up the art museum steps.  A grand time was had by all.

In setting this up, I was hopeful they would enjoy it.  Then as I thought longer I knew they would like it.  In fact I thought everyone would like it, so I made a phone call.

Our recruited host and his camera man leading the team on the tour.

The man in the sunglasses, the man whose house we ate at, and watched TV at, was former NFL all-pro punt returner, former BYU standout, Philadelphia sports anchor Vai Sikahema.


It was a pleasure spending time with the team, good guys every one, it was great showing of the town, but it was best to see that pride of the Cougar nation wearing red!



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8 responses to ““Pocket! Pocket!”

  1. Jenna

    Oh my – those are some short shorts!!! Glad you could show the Utes around. Did they let you play?

  2. I only understood about half of this post, but I feel inclined to shout “Go Utes” anyway. Should I fly my flag this weekend and really confuse the Texans?

  3. Texas (UT) is in the tourney as well, so yes Claudia, fly the flag. The shorts are short for a purpose. Google “rugby lineout”.

  4. Jim

    I think my high school must have handed down our old 1993 basketball shorts to the Utah rugby team. And I think the cougar crowd can forgive Mr. Sikahema’s choice of shirts…lets chalk that one up to being the gracious host. Looked to be a fun day!

  5. Dang brohammas, I caught myself watching part of the Utah v. Army game and thought, ‘brohammas…’.
    Then I drop by your site and see this post.
    Did you make it on the air?
    How did you get a member of Utah’s version of the Crips (Blue – BYU) to wear (Blood) red?
    You must be one charming fellow.

  6. It was great day Jim, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to make a dry-run before the real deal.
    UBJ, I got skillz. the peice aired twice locally, once in Utah, and I didn’t see the natnl. broadcats but I know they had the footage. If ya pay attention you will ee me standing in the ring with Sikahema… I’m the white guy in the hat.

  7. It’s like tree trunks with shorts and sneakers……..and I feel like I just heard John Madden give his speach about what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

  8. Kay

    @UBJ I love your anology about the crips and the bloods-very funny and apropos.

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