2 thoughts on “Today’s Story is Published Elsewhere

  1. Texas hates new cars as well. I drove a 1999 Saturn through undergrad and law school. When it got too old and worn out about two years ago I started driving my grandmother’s 1996 Pontiac Bonneville. Both cars were dinged and scratched by others, and myself. I finally treated myself to a new car at the end of last year (a new Volvo – I know, I’m cool). Memorial day we ran around town doing errands of various sorts and hauling kids in and out of the car. When I left for work on Tuesday morning I noticed a huge dent behind the passenger side door. I can only assume that it got there at the Walmart parking lot while we are shopping. We filled out a police report so that Walmart will let the police review the security cameras in the parking lot and let us know what happened. I never cared about my other cars but this dent makes me angry each time I see it. Long live the beat up Jalopy!

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