The Rocky Tour

Many visit Phladelphia and most run up the steps.  It is a must… but may I venture to say that if you love the movie Rocky, I give the best tour in town.

But really, if you want the tour, come visit.



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3 responses to “The Rocky Tour

  1. Yup. Except for the Italian Market (South Philly), the grave which is at Laurel Hill, and the Art Museum.

  2. Brendan

    Yo, Dalyn!

    On furlough from the front in western Mass. My wife, Sam, and I are enjoying a long overdue mini break from our li’l girls (yours are adorable in the pics in the most recent post, btw). amid the (SanFran-style) “June-gloom” fog/haze for a few days here in Santa Barbara where we’re catching up w/ my mom, former teachin’ colleagues, and hopefully my ol’ 6’10” Franco-Algerian boxing coach, Nabile (did you know that he invented that cable-based door “gym” that Randy Couture peddles on TV?). Anyway, I just want to verify that you do indeed give the best boxing tour in Philly, and I wish we were neighbors so we could train together. Please holler next time you’re near Amherst/Northampton/Springfield/Hartford and of course I’ll do the same if I’m ever down in your neck of the woods again–thanks, and take it easy.


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