The Bus Moves On…

“Hey, you wanna go to a party in Baltimore at an old abandoned silo? The invite says dress to impress.”
“yes”, was my reply. 
the bar

Once we got there it became obvious the Silo was no longer abandoned, or even existent.  Where the silo once stood are high-end high rises.  The party was on the 19th floor.

Jim and Bowtie Bob

 I sampled the cheese, enjoyed the view, and enjoyed tales told by bowtie Bob.  Jim was here to buy a book.  In this book were photos of the silos that once stood where we were standing, and numerous other places that were once something but are no longer.  At least they are no longer what they once were.

Jin and the author of Dan Haga

 The book is filled with photos of places I know.  A power plant that once gave light to my house, a school I drive past almost daily, and many other places the authors weren’t allowed to enter.  It is a book about buildings and places that were once useful or beautiful, were abandoned and fell into disrepair, and therefore became cool.

El Debarge Jr. and date... I told you two I would forget her name. Email me and I will repent.

 Bob told me about the Philly of his youth,  El Debarge Jr.  and I talked about what was on his iPod, and I think Jim made plans with the author to do something illegal.

in the lobby

7 thoughts on “The Bus Moves On…

  1. #1 – the linked pictures are amazing, wouldn’t mind getting my hand on the book, which I do believe is exactly what you said I would want to do!

    #2 – Fresh to death like you got dressed in a coffin!

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