Admiral Cod, are you racist? Let’s Talk

There are on these interwebs, all sorts of folks.  A free and open forum for which I advocate.  You are free to say as you please, as am I.  Because I am free to speak, I would like to bring up my good buddy Admiral Cod.

Once upon a time he would leave pleasant comments on my posts.  He saw my site fit enough to list me on his blogroll.  I would comment on his site from time to time, if I felt I had something to offer.

Then one day it stopped.  It’s hard to pinpoint when or why.  Let me forward some guesses.

Was it when I mentioned the taint of slavery on American historical locations?

Was it perhaps when I posted a picture of my wife?

Possibly it was my exposing myself as a teetotaler, or was it that one post you did.  You know, the one where you stopped “approving” or posting my comments?  You remember the post right?  The one where you posted a video clip of an old movie where the English stave off a final attack by the savage Africans.  You approved a comment by some chap who lamented that we cannot treat our modern “brown menace” in like fashion.  I pointed out that letting such racially negative comments to go unanswered was bad form.  To which your response was… nothing.  You would not post my comment nor respond to my email.

I let it go.  Some times things are best left alone.  But yesterday you were at it again.  I have looked around and find your site listed on other sites blogrolls, you list some fine ones yourself, and the extent to which your rants go unanswered, or even defended, concerns me.  Hats off to the young man at Sartorially Inclined.  You posted his concern, but again not mine.  Who’s else do you delete?

Here is what you wrote

Here is what I wrote:

Racial acceptance is not a zero sum game.  Perhaps the “others” are not welcome to you, but to assume your opinions are held by all is more than presumptuous.

You infer, and this is by no means the first time, that the decline of society as you see it, is hastened by the presence and or acceptance of minorities.  You claim superiority in your Anglophile ways that is obviously tied to whiteness as you see it.

How sad.

You may think the proper order of the world, right side up as you put it, has whites at the top and others below, how do you propose this to happen?

What are you advocating or predicting?

Why, and this is more important, do you think this is the way it should be?

You portray yourself as cultured and learned, but this is simple ignorance.

No… I was wrong.  You are neither simple nor ignorant, perhaps something worse.

Maybe it was I who was out of line. 

So… was I?

48 thoughts on “Admiral Cod, are you racist? Let’s Talk

  1. Why waste your time on someone like this? If it’s because you feel you should stand up against an injustice, I can understand that. But I think you should take into account who it’s coming from. Does he really matter at all to you? I don’t think “Admiral Cod” would change his views on race or his individual preferences no matter what, so why even let someone like this get under your skin?
    But I actually like this post and hope the two of you can come together and fight or do something entertaining… ha.

  2. If I thought this individual was open to change, I would persue more private discussion. I do not think he will change but as he puts his views out for public consumption, I think it appropriate that “the public” consider it for what it is. He may not change, but how “we” react to him could surely improve. For example, were I still listed on his blogroll, or were he listed on mine during the time of this recent post, I would think it reasonable to remove his site and ask him to return the favor as to not be associated with, nor propogate his views.

  3. This guy is offensive in too many ways to be worthy of the attention he has already received. Unfortunately, the angst portrayed is not uncommon. There is an honest and constructive discussion to be had about false portrayals of diversity and the attempts to add culture by taking out traditionally white themes or characters. I’ve heard these arguments made in a constructive, non-divisive, way and only the ultra sensitive are offended. A topic of race always seems to offend someone – unfortunately. I do believe that there is a “white” culture that is worth preserving and portions that are better left as history. The preservation of culture does not, however, justify degrading other cultures. There is no problem with being proud about being white so long as it isn’t at the expense of allowing others to be proud of who they are as well.

  4. Bro-I applaud you for taking up the banner. I enjoy some of Cods photos and some of his posts. Some leaving me scratching my head…and I just ignore them. He once left a rather strident comment on my 4th of July post and I objected and he revised and we actually had a fairly pleasant e-mail exchange. Do I think he is a bigot…who knows? The appeal of this Blog gig is that it is a forum of free expression so I support the right of all to express whatever views they like…regardless of whether some find them offensive.
    Candidly, I found his Harry Potter related post to be rather verbose and disjointed without any real salient point…hence I gave it a cursory read and moved on.

  5. I concur with JD’s comments above, and will add only that the problem with false portrayals of diversity isn’t that they occur, it’s that they can leave us with a false sense that there aren’t serious racial issues, adding to our collective rose-colored glasses. Admiral Cod’s problem–well, one of them– seems to be an insecurity about his own heritage. Our individual, and particularly familial, pride in our ancestors and their cultures isn’t threatened simply because someone else sprang from a different tree. Not if we sincerely honor them and their accomplishments. This is particularly true for Anglos. The Pilgrims hadn’t been off the boat for 10 minutes before they began adopting cultural attributes from Native Americans.

  6. @JD, One can question false presentations or agendas without discounting those represented for sure. That was not the case here, nor is it his pattern. I do not care so much about him, unless he wants to talk, but again, I care about readers in general.
    @ Mr. Mainline, were he willing to pleasantly exchange emails with me this would not be happening here. I do in no way want to restrict his right to say as he pleases. I also enjoy the right to respond and encourage others to act appropriately. Another joy of bloggs.

  7. Hmmm, I’ve had some rather nice email exchanges with him. Like MLS, I tend to ignore some of his posts, especially when I disagree with the topic. Interestingly, he’s lived and worked in Africa. I believe, although I may be really wrong, that he’s South African.

    I rarely have to confront racism, and find it to be extremely inelegant especially among the more “refined”. As I am as deeply flawed as the next person, I find it hard to judge others. Which is a position that I wish the rest of the world would adopt, as naïve as it sounds.

  8. Laguna Beach Fogey always posts the most incendiary comments on Maxminimus. It used to upset me but then I remind myself that he is just a lonely drunk and let it go.

  9. Dear Brouhaha,

    Is it really racist to say that Whites are mainly responsible for American culture and Blacks are mainly responsible for American crime?

    1. Someone needs a hisory lesson.”Slavery By Another Name” Start with this book, and you’ll have a greater understanding as to why the American psyche believes this lie on Black American culture is nothing more then a bunch of rapist, thugs.

    2. I don’t care if it is racist or not, it is for certain wrong. Black culture is a major part of American culture, especially if you are Southern. There is no two ways around it, Black Americans are of the original Americans (political nation, not land) and maybe the only one that is still visible. WASP seem not to exist anymore and most other groups merged into white America or were over run by later white immigrants.
      As far as criminality goes, there is no doubt at this moment Black have a higher propensity towards committing crime than other racial groups, but to say we are mainly responsible for American crime is a great overstatement.

  10. Rodale… in a word, yes.
    That would be both innacurate and racist, which is two words, but the fact that you ask the question means you are eaither baiting or uninformed. I’m a sucker for either.
    Jazz… Charles Manson. What else can I help you with?

  11. Easy E, not naive. I confront so that one day you will have no need… or less need.
    berenmind, were he in a vacuum, I would let it go as well.

  12. Dear Pro-Hamas:

    1. Charles Manson was insane. Most Black (and White) criminals are not.

    2. Jazz a contribution to culture? I fail to understand.

    1. Rodale, as for Jazz, I think I can help you understand. Jazz was not just a type of music in the 1920’s, it was very much a movement. It helped pave the way for women’s liberation (flappers, female musicians), it impacted fashion, and it became respected as an art form. In my opinion, the biggest impact was the fact that a majority became infatuated with the lifestyle, fashion, and music of a minority culture. Take a look into the “Roaring Twenties” and see what type of impact it had on this world socially and culturally.

      Same really goes for the blues

  13. I am in a vacuum, I suppose.
    I have always abhorred LBF’s remarks but I was advised by other blog owners that he is innocuous. I think that being a drunk innocuousigent is equivalent to being a vacuumousity. You are drawing too much attention to him. He is nothing.
    You have a nice blog. Get on with it.

  14. Rodale, might you forward me the percentage of meth users, makers and sellers who are black? Lets throw in heroin as well. Was John Gotti black or insane? Capone? How bout Madoff? I’m curious how many black accountants worked at Enron. Are whites the cause of the world’s downfall?
    I say “whiteness” has nothing to do with any of that… nor does blackness.
    So you don’t like jazz or even consider a major musical movement culture? What of Langston Hughes or Dubois?
    What part of distinctive American culture is devoid of black influence or solely the work of whites? I suspect you have a very different view of what culture is than do I… or a text book. Though you are gifted in creatively changing my monicker.
    @berenmind… sorry. I have always been the guy who picks up the hitch-hiker. I have trouble just driving by when I see something. I always get where I’m going, and so will this blog, but in my opinion detours or unexpected passengers make the trip and experience better… I have been on the side of the road and watched as car after car just sped by.
    you are welcome here, please stick around till the bus gets moving again.

  15. Bro – well put and thought out. Coincidentally, I was in Toronto last night and went to a talk at the Roy Thomson Hall given by Maya Angelou. The theme, punctuated with anecdotes and poetry, was why we ought to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Being generous to Laguna Beach Fogey, he may have a cloud hanging low over his head although, I suspect he is ultimately a pretentious fop who is suffering a crisis of status – doesn’t his moniker say it all?

  16. “knob” is such a pseudo Brit Laguna Bitch term. Perfect, But hey. He is a pitiful drunk. Give him a break. His whole persona is an avatar. Does he ever post true photos of himself on his web site?
    To Bro: I reiterate: Too much time spent on unhappy business. Not thought provoking. It is bitch fighting. I am still in the bus station. On a bench waiting.

  17. Dude, I think you’re taking all this a little personally… It’s not all about you. Anyway thanks for directing me to AC’s post. He raises a number of interesting points which give rise to a vigorous debate. Not sure I agree wholeheartedly with everything everyone says bit nor do I disagree with everything. It’s simply not as black and white (if you will) as you seem to think. Culture and skin color are two completely different things and not mutually inclusive. Look outside of your box.

  18. Philip, of course it’s not about me. Perhaps you confuse the format of my post with the issues at hand. I write it first hand to make what most think is a theorhetical issue more personal, beacause it should be.
    I understand full well the nuance of color and culture… just as well as I understand bias and powerplay, dissenfranchisement, and percieved cultural peril/downfall which is really just a move away from exclusivity or assumed cultural superiority.
    Were I only looking in “my own box”, I would never have written this.

  19. @ Rondale – Which ‘whites’?
    It is only after a group becomes powerful that they are accepted as being ‘white’.
    Are the Irish, southern Europeans or Jews ‘white’?
    I’m only asking this because the Dark Ages of Europe were only ended when the southern Europeans added their ‘flavor’ to the mix.
    The ‘white’ nothern Europeans ruined their own culture and environment to the point that people just started dying for no known (at the time) reason.

  20. AC has stopped commenting on my blog for months at certain times, I’m a rampant drinker and a blue eyed WASP still in the old country.
    So what if he’s a racist, can’t you cope with dissention iin the ranks?
    Take it it up with him – you did. Walk away, why blog about it?

    1. Because he can. I mean really. Someone needs to say something about this idiot. I too have had “discussions” with AC, both on his blog and WASP101. Richard at WASP101 is so afraid of losing his readership he will not post any rebuttle I have to AC when he goes into one of his racist tangents. I call him out on it at every turn. I remember the Harry Potter post very well, it was when he and I had a great fall out. After which I continued to jab at him when he posted racial post. He finally got tired of me and would not answer any of my questions, or post any of my replies.

      Some of you don’t get it do you? If the people of Germany hadn’t sat ideally by maybe none of the crap that happend would have happend. what we all need to do is learn from our mistakes and move on. Racisum is a disease, just as his drukeness. The only way that we are going to move forward is that we all get on board to make that change. By the poster; excuse me for not remembering your name as this is my first time here, posting this, he has opend a place where those who have delt with this idiot can voice thier oppions. Just as you post on your blog so that others may do the same. If you didn’t like what the author had to say, “Walk away” as you put it, and don’t reply. Besides, from the discription of yourself, you wouldnt’ get it anyway as apprently you didn’t.

      The man isn’t just a racist, he’s a classist of the worst sort. I once asked him, “OK, you don’t like blacks, hispanic’s, etc, so tell me what are you doing to support poor whites, of which I never got an answer until I read one of his Christmas post where he talks about the people who ask for money on the streets for charity. It was dispicable. So WASP Tabitha, you tell me, were members of my family who aren’t educated, were they right in telling me; “WASP don’t like black folks.” I’m starting to think that in their simple ignorance they may have had a point. His; AC’s blog is riddled with these so called WASP who seem to think/feel that power is slipping from their finger and they must do something about it. But the question is what? What can they/you do about it? The Hispanic population is growning here in the U.S. by leaps and bounds. So much so that many of the lands that was taken from them in the S.W. will soon be theirs yet again. In recent news, as late as last year I believe it was, it was reported that they are even out numbering the black population here in the states. You can’t kill us all, there’s just too many of us; Minorities, that is. You can’t try to inslave us anymore, we’ve grown to large in number. So tell me, what can be done?

      I’ll tell you what can be done. You can change your mode of thinking. Get on board, and strap in for the ride baby because it’s going to be a long one. Now, am I talking about black world dommination, no. To be honest with you, I am an Anglophile. I love your culture and people. I know your history as much as AC does infact. I want you to keep that and your whiteness, as I want to keep my blackness. But what AC doesn’t understand is that someone from another race can accept that, and want to be apart of, or be interested in his cultrure. I’ll leave it at that as I can get winded in my post from time to time. Tabitha, stay up!

  21. Oh I’m having a problem with comments.
    Just to add – he’s nipped me a few times on my blog too but I accept him as he is whether or not he is out of line from time to time.

  22. Tabitha, I hope you feel welcome. Your comments are more than welcome. You pose a valid question, “walk away, why blog about it?”
    Were it some personal sight against me, I would. I do not expect everyone to like what I present, or even care that I exist. Deleting my posts is no offense and neither is ignoring my site….
    But racism left unanswered grows. I blog about it because racism is one of those things I classify as wrong to just ignore. You are in the old country, but in this one, there is a long history of many good people ignoring racism and the affects were absolutely devastating to the lives of millions. I will not take part in such negligence today for I have learned that society is never completely immune to the poison of years past.

  23. If one searches for racism they will find it. I read his blog frequently and do not find it offensive, but I understand the concept of wanting to protect your culture.

    1. @afrofogey, “If one searches for racism they will find it.” True, however one can also find it if they aren’t looking for it as well. My visiting WASP101 wasn’t in search of racism, but to learn more about a culture, however what I did find was the likes of AC. And when I find someone the likes of AC, I give em’ hell, as much hell as possible.

      I for one will not be an appeaser, such as yourself. There is no fine line here, you either are or you are not. As I’ve said in other post, I have no problem with one wanting to preserve their culture. However in his case, he seems to be an orfan of sorts. He claims to be from South Africa; but is an Englisman, who now resides in the US; which he hates. I can’t undersand how one can say that they “do not find it offensive” unless you are blind, ignorant, in agreement, or just plain illiterate. He and his cronies, hate you, hispanics, the poor and everyone else. And you can’t find that offensive?

      And how is it OK for him to spout on and on about his homeland of South Africa when his people did the exact thing to the African people? Is it wrong that these people want and have gotten their country back? Lets also speak to his supposed other homeland Great Britan. They’ve set out to concour the world, in doing so kept the councored down with serveral laws; Apartheid being one of them, and now that the world has changed and grown they want to walk away from these people who have also over the years have come to see themselves s British. You can’t have it both ways. I do however; for the sake of history understand that the English people would want to close their borders. I say for the sake of History, as this is the same results that distoryed Rome. So with that, one has to choose what it is they want for their country and it’s people, is it to be greed and concour the world, or stay in your own little niche and out of everyones business.

      Ahh! Yes the same can be said about the US, however in a different sence. We at least try to set up a goverment in these places, even if it is a pupet.

      1. WASP 101 is about WASPy as I am in culture, which is to say not at all. But that is another discussion. I don’t appease, i simply don’t care. I’m not a racism chaser nor am I a anti -racist. I seek not to change the hearts of men, just don’t want then enacting laws against me. Old Brompton/Admiral Cod isn’t a threat. Many people in history were dyed in the wool racist, many people you respect, I imagine. You respect them because their over contributions were greater than their racism, Now I wouldn’t place AC in the league of great or even significant men, but I find his blog interesting and his racial biases while obvious, aren’t absurd and he isn’t attacking anyone, nor do they diminish the quality of his blog.
        While I am familiar with Cod’s persona from Askandy, so maybe the 5 years of familiarity has made me more tolerant of his clearly inconstant internet image. While he has always stuck to the same story, I like you find it dubious but amusing enough to keep me interested,
        I personally have no sympathy for the white in South Africa, they made the nation the way it is, they migrate or live however the Black folk there decide they should. America has avoided British styled imperialism but I’m not sure our invade the world invite the would policy is very good either.

      2. Agreed, I’ve come to believe that WASP101 has nothing to offer on the subject of waspdom. Richard in my belief is nothing but a fraud. Now that I’ve explored the blogosphere, I’ve seen loads of his stuff on other blogs; plagiarisms not doubt. No imagination at all for one, what’s with this fake crest that he now has posted? I’ve questioned him about it several times but won’t get an answer, suspect I never will.
        I’ll speak to both of your post here as it’s late and I have church in the morning.

        “As far as criminality goes, there is no doubt at this moment Black have a higher propensity towards committing crime than other racial groups”
        Do you not think that this is a product of one’s environment? I know, I know, but hear me out on this. Per the link I sent you, one could very well understand why a people who have been oppressed for centuries would fall into this category. Am I saying that the Black populace have no hope; no, just that they/we are far behind our White counter parts when it comes to Education first of all. Will this change in maybe the next 3-4 generations, I think so. I know I strive very hard to make sure my daughter has an education, the best I can afford her. And what she isn’t taught in school she is taught at home.
        Just a few months ago a cousin and I were talking about the Black Panther Party and how he wished they would rise up. Something I am totally against mind you, but I understand his reasoning. He’s young and doesn’t see any kind of black influence in his community. No leadership, no nothing, nada. The story doesn’t end with slavery being over, and the black man being subjugated into the new slavery. It’s still ongoing today but in a different manner. Leading off topic I know; however you as a black man can’t say that you’ve not experienced racism unless you’ve been under a rock or have found some secret enclave of a black community that has been functioning all these years in White America on its own.
        I understand why the people call the Right racist. Though I’m nowhere near close to being a Lib; not that it’s a bad word, I just don’t fall in line with “those views”. Having been raised in an all-white community; I mean Lilly, I’ve heard the things that my friend’s parents would say. “OH, but you aren’t apart of that John, your parents are upstanding and Educated people, you know like us.” Even their children, my friends; “Hey, some Nigger just tried to still my lab, let’s go find them.” And this is just the ley people not the politicians. In the end it’s all just code talk, one just has to know what they are hearing to get it. I’ve lived with White folks all my life, hell still do today. I live in the middle of nowhere and I’m the only brother here. The Right my not be saying it, but they are showing it in other ways. Just like AC, they don’t care much for the poor whites either. OH, they say they do; “I’m one of you, fighting for you.” My eye, I know who they are and they aren’t fighting for the poor, white, black, or otherwise.

        “I don’t appease, i simply don’t care. I’m not a racism chaser nor am I a anti -racist.” Interesting, neither did the German people care. Like you, they only cared if their best interest were being served. “Hey, along as I have a job, a new car, food in my belly at night, why should I care about the next guy? I don’t agree with Hitler, but hey he’s not hurting me, so why should I care?” No AC isn’t in a position of power, or at least not that you know of. What happens when someone who is, is listening to such dribble, then believes in it, then what? We all should care. One of the biggest problems we have as people his not listening to our forefathers and the lessons they had to learn the hard way. If your father was a drunk; not saying he was, just work with me here, and you saw that you were going down that path would you, A. say to yourself, “what the hell I’m OK”, or B. look at the destruction it caused in your home and change your path? To profess that you “Just Don’t care” is either lazy or insane.

        I assure you I’m not on the hunt for racism. All I need be is to be black, and trust me it will find me. This is why I find you to be slightly odd. As though you’ve never in your life experienced it. Either saw it being done to someone, or you personally. Almost as if you aren’t black at all. No offence, but it’s the sort of thing that White Libs say. “Oh there’s no more racism in this country, well at least not that I’ve seen” or in your case, “care about.” There will come a time when you will have to care, and it may be too late. Much like the Jews of Nazi Germany who thought that they would be ok, “it will all blow over.” Until the SS came crashing down their doors, sent them off to death camps, and Ghetto’s. So you tell me, if I’m just being a little hard on AC for no reason?
        “so maybe the 5 years of familiarity has made me more tolerant of his clearly inconstant internet image.”
        Tolerant, now there’s a word for you. Goes back to all I just said in the last paragraph(s). Why must good men; I know I don’t know you, but seem as though, sit idly by? Let me make it clear. I do not tolerate the following; KKK, Neo-Nazi, Skin heads other than SHARPs, BNP, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, or any other fascist groups that go against the fiber of the AMERICAN culture. Not Black, Hispanic, WASP or any other wise but American culture. I find them all to be the degradation of what is good, true and pure about this country. And for someone; a black man no doubt, to say that they tolerate, and simply don’t care about the subject surprises me greatly. Do I have love for all men, I can honestly say no. But do I hate them for the sake of color, culture, or religion, no. If I had to say my prejudice would be those who hate for those reasons, and those who tolerate it. One reason I can no longer read or support Dumb f***k Richard at WASP101. He like you tolerates this swage that AC spills all because he thinks he’s found someone better than he that can lend him some sort of false credibility. He too is a weak minded individual who in my opinion has no back bone or class. So you keep on with your tolerance, myself, I’ll keep on “praising the lord and passing the ammunition” as we say down here in the South because there may come a time I’m going to need both. Hope not, but it could happen, and I’m not one to take it lying down like others.

      3. Gosh – admirable sentiments but a poor grasp of history: especially your limited understanding of exactly who introduced apartheid into South Africa (the clue should be in the fact that it is a Dutch/Afrikaans word). Simply put — the introduction of apartheid specifically caused Britain to institute sanctions AGAINST ‘white’ South Africa and to expel it from the British Commonwealth. I’m afraid that rather mitigates against some of the thrust of your thesis.

  24. @poloist12 I am Black and am the product of 4 grandparents all of whom grew up in all Black communities. One of these communities includes a Gullah community off of SC. I said this to say I was afforded the perspective of peoples who saw communities run by Blacks, thus instilling in them a sense of self determination. That leads to less concern about whether some white fellow likes blacks , my life nor confidence in life is not tied up in their likes and dislikes.So do I experience racism today? Not really, but in general I’m not around many white folk.
    Brother I will say this to you, whenever you have to use Hitler in a debate your point becomes questionable. He is a far over and inaccurately used example in all discussions of race. We are not living in a society analogous to Nazi journey, so whether I do the same as Germans were doing in ignoring some persons racism isn’t quite relevant.
    Unfortunately you have bought into pc culture and revisionist history. I’m sorry but the KKK and racism both are as American as apple pie and the latter is deeply indebted in American culture. You have been enlisted in the wrong fight, your fighting to make everyone like you, instead of fighting to make Blacks powerful enough to not be affected by this all encompassing racism you see.
    So, Old Brompton’s racial biases will never bother me, I have my own preference towards my own. His only job is to provide an interesting site, not conform his opinions to mine.

  25. Blah, blah, blah… Case law, is that also questionable? I would think that you would think I took the easy way out if anything by my using the Nazi party. Over used; maybe, inaccuratly, I think not. Tell that to all those Nazi’s that hang his photo and flag in their trailers. Come on now, please don’t tell me that you by into this whole thing that the Holocaust was a hoax. No, he actully loved the Jews, but decided that they had to go to make everyone else happy, but he didn’t know what was really going on in his country. Yeah sounds rediculious doesn’t it. Also, back to case law, what is case law but history. Would you say that an Attorney that uses this in his argument is “questionable” or that the case law is over used? Yes I can relate them as the same.

    “In the common law tradition, courts decide the law applicable to a case by interpreting statutes and applying precedents which record how and why prior cases have been decided.”

    “Not really, but in general I’m not around many white folk.”
    If I lived on Mars, and I came to earth, and someone told me, “Hey, they hate you.” I suppose I too would think like you.

    “We are not living in a society analogous to Nazi journey, so whether I do the same as Germans were doing in ignoring some persons racism isn’t quite relevant.”

    Oh, you think not? Again tell this to the folks out there wanting you dead. You don’t get it do you, they want to kill you. Poeple like AC want you wiped of the face of the earth and have everything nice and white, blue eyed, and blonde. Again, that kinda goes back to the Hitler ideology.

    “You have been enlisted in the wrong fight, your fighting to make everyone like you, instead of fighting to make Blacks powerful enough to not be affected by this all encompassing racism you see.”

    And you got your degree in phychology out of what craker jack box? I’m not trying to make anyone like me. If I’m disrespected, I’ll do something about it. I’m not one to just sit by and say, oh well they don’t matter. One has to stand for something, if not for yourself then what? These people think of us as mud, monkies, and so on. Do I need them for my own personal prespective, no. I have two highly educated parents that has given me that, and like you 4 grandparents who taught me well. Both grandfarher were businessmen in a time when a black man could hardly get a job as anything other then a porter. I don’t need anyone for my selfesteem, it’s been instilled trust me.

    I also fight for no man other then myself. My father retired as a USMC, COL full bird, and it really got him nothing but a devorce. Yeah, he had honor, brass and all that, but his family was left in ruins. No, sir I’m not fighting to raise any man up. Why should it be that a black man should be above a white man, or anyother man for that matter? AC, dispises you and I because we are black. I dispise him because he’s an arrogant, biggoted, turd. I think that I’m on better footing here. You see I have a reason to hate him, he has none. Hate me bcause I stole from you, harmed your family in some way, not for color.

    “So, Old Brompton’s racial biases will never bother me, I have my own preference towards my own. His only job is to provide an interesting site, not conform his opinions to mine.”

    You opend yourself up on this one. Here is where I make my point and you will see that what I’ve been saying all along is simply because I want to. You see you used the word “opinion”, everyone has one, they’re like assholes and elbows. If one doesn’t want to be trashed on a blog, they should simply not post on a blong. Why is it that he can make these statements and go unchecked? Where as if I say anything about the asshole, I’m the asshole. Why is it my “opinion” doesn’t count, but he can say whatever he likes. Oh, yes I’m all for free speech, but understand he’s not the only one with a mouthpiece. Just becuse some one comes from the so called ruling class and is white doesn’t mean that they are smartter, or better and can say whatever they like, and I’m suppose to be the good little black boy and smile real big, “Ahh, yes sir.” My ass, never in my lifetime will that happen.

    Would you say that the BPP is having a fit because they want white people to like them? I think not. In fact I dare you to say that to one of thier faces, tell me how that goes over.

    “Unfortunately you have bought into pc culture and revisionist history.”

    What a bunch of babble. I’ve not bought into anything, I was thrown into it. Just by being a black man in this country was enough. Even with the education I’ve had, the neighborhoods I lived in etc. Didn’t matter, “you’re still black” I was told by blacks and whites alike. So you tell me, when was it that I shelled out those coins for that PC culture, that’s laughable. If only you’ve heard me around my farm, house, and yes even my office. I’m not really one for PC. I don’t believe in that crap either. If you really want to get right down to it; Professor, I think that everyone should leave everyone else the hell alone. If you want to marrie a man, go for it. It won’t bother me in the slightest, not my business. If you want to feed your kid garbage, hey that’s your business as long as you’re not really trying to harm the child. If I don’t want to hire you for whatever reason, I should be able to do so. I’m more of a Libertarian then I am anything else, so don’t try to slip in under the radar and call me a Lib again shall we.

    Have a good night.

    1. I completely forgot about this thread. The fellow I was debating with posts were so odd I can barely fathom to guess what they mean’t.
      I’ll just reiterate when you invokes Godwin’s Law, your opinion usually is weak.

      1. How so? Don’t care what Godwin has to say really. just calling the kettle black if it’s black. Fighting dirty; maybe. But this Godwin fellow doesn’t make the rules for me.

  26. “One of the most famous pieces of Usenet trivia out there is “if you mention
    Hitler or Nazis in a post, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion
    you were taking part in”. Known as Godwin’s Law, this rule of Usenet has a
    long and sordid history on the network – and is absolutely wrong.” NOTE THE LAST PART OF THE PARAGRAPH. I too can find things on the net to support my argument. Come on man, be creative in your argument.

    1. ….this is what you sound like:

      Person A: The earth is flat

      Person Z: The earth is round

      Person A: The earth is flat. Look at it!

      Person Z: The earth is definitely round. There’s lots of scientific evidence and we have pictures from space! What’s next? Are you going to say that Hitler wasn’t real and the Holocaust didn’t happen?

      Person A: Godwin’s Law!!! I win! You brought up Hitler first, so that automatically makes me right and you wrong! I knew the earth was flat!

      The point, dear reader, is that, while many bad arguments have been made using Hitler, not all arguments using Hitler are actually fallacious. In fact, a good number of them are perfectly valid (though not necessarily true).

      So let’s stop this nonsense of shouting “Godwin’s Law! I win!”

      It’s just silly.

  27. It is getting creepier :

    Laguna Bitch Faggy is openly calling for more Anders Brevik-style massacres of non-whites :

    “We’re going to need a lot more Breiviks.”

    “God only knows how many Nationalist saviors like Breivik are patiently trolling the Interwebz as we speak.”

    As you can see, these are direct quotes from ‘Laguna Beach Fogey’, demanding the random massacre of innocents just for the crime of not being white.

    This is getting close to the point where the authorities should be notified…

    1. Anon,

      I received your comments regarding Admiral Cod and his lunacy. I agree, he is, and has been, quite disturbing.
      Pardon my not originally posting your comments. I did so first, as I have given him plenty enough attention publicly and I think he can dig a hole for himself well enough on his own. Second, I think I will leave the name calling to him. While I am not gay, nor does expressing homosexuality jive with my moral standards, the term “faggy” is unnecessarily derogatory. As is the female dog reference commonly used to degrade women. Lets leave the degrading of a whole segment of the population to the Fogey and not join him in his errors.

      Thank you for paying attention, and for reading my blog. I really do appreciate it.


      1. Dalyn,

        Names are one thing….

        But LBF getting excited about the possibility of additional Breivik-style massacres of innocents, simply because they are non-white, is another level…

        The frequency of his glee at this (as with the recent Dylann Roof massacre) stands out.

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