Mrs.hammas on TV

The Mrs. has a knack for being found by cameras.  Maybe its the other way around, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt her that she resembles a certain Oscar-winning actress.



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9 responses to “Mrs.hammas on TV

  1. Ann

    I’m still sad she didn’t win that Oprah contest to host her own talk show. Is that bottom shot of Amanda K?

  2. Ann, it sure is Amanda, and another of our friends, Asialene right next to her. They were ther ebecause Kay turned Anne Nielson in for a fashion crime, so Anne got a makeover on the show.
    As you can see, my wife cried… Oprah doesn’t know what she’s missing.

  3. You seemed to have focused more on the TV than the image ON the TV.
    (Maybe you need to take more lessons from your photographer friend.)
    But I think Mrshammas looks more like Linda Evangelista than she does Halle Berry.

  4. Of course I need to take lessons. I also need a new camera. About five months ago I dropped it and ever since then the display screen won’t show anything. I have no idea what shots I took till I download them… hence my “blind squirrel” comment on the gun post.
    In real life she is a mix of Halle and Lefteye.

  5. Mrs Hammas looks great but I’m gonna have to talk to you about those Donald Pliner shoes.

  6. Talking to me about my shoes does no good unless I can first talk some cents into my wallet. I once trade paintings for pants, maybe shoes should be next.

    She does look good doesn’t she?

  7. that nate’s a cutie pie! i was on his show twice last fall, and he was totally off-script the whole time… even suggested a road trip in a pick up truck.

    (ps… i am friends with easy y elegant)

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