Yerba Mate

When observed over time, little details become prevailing themes.



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8 responses to “Yerba Mate

  1. I’ve never been so proud.

    You’re welcome, amigo.

  2. Argentine-Taragui is exceptional; tried it first hand in South-AM.

  3. lindsey

    I’m looking at these pics and the only thing I hear in my head is dad telling you your hair is too long…

  4. Oh Linds, you are so behind the times. Trust me, once he sees these, my hair will not be the topic of conversation… though the tone may be similar.

  5. UBJ, I was waiting for that… Google yerba mate.

  6. IDK… first Kava now Yerba Mate?
    (But these photos DO look like y’all are sitting around the table on That 70’s Show. “Duuuude… pass the Yerba Mate…!”)

  7. SO that would make me an overweight Ashton Kutcher? Or the crazy red head?
    … my back in the day hair doesn’t help any does it? What can I say? I really live on the edge.

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