Because Sometimes Things Must be Shot

Jim came walking through the Italian market, visibly uncomfortable. “I have no idea why I thought walking two blocks carrying a shotgun would be O.K.” he said and we quickly went inside.

Sawed off

Once up stairs he began unloading his duffel. Custom grip revolver, nine millimeter semi automatic pistol, and many boxes of ammunition went up on the counter.  I clipped the target to the mount, hit a button and watched the bullseye zoom 50 yards down range.

this is the point when I realized I forgot my glasses.

By the time Stephen and Gage arrived, Jim and I had been well warmed up.  Stephen, the Ivy educated anthropologist currently making a change to medicine, walked right in and emptied an entire clip into the small thumbnail image on the upper left hand side of the target that I had previously been unaware existed.

Of all the places in the city to dine, we ended up at the airport Marriott.

Around the table were three Penn men, a post-graduate degreed architect, a high-powered attorney, and it took twenty minutes plus the waitress to help us do the math on the bill.



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9 responses to “Because Sometimes Things Must be Shot

  1. When I moved to Texas my friend in the office was appalled that I had never shot a handgun and my only other experience was a .22 in the Boy Scouts when I was 12. I had my own trip to the firing range, which was an eye-opening experience. New respect for guns, gun owners, and the respect they have for their hobby.

  2. Hmmm. A fine day. The Marriott not withstanding. Do you have a preference for firearms? I’m hell with a stock, less so with a handgun; but I’m working on it.

  3. jim

    Stephen has got nothing on you Dalyn – what with that amazing image you captured of him. Bulls-eye!

  4. Easy E, The Mrs. and I do not see eye to eye on firearms. Consequentially I own, bt do not posess, a beautiful chrome Smith&Wesson .45 revolver. I’m not bad with a revolver but my native weapon, the one I’m good with, is… a muzzle loader. I wash shooting black powder before I could ride a bike.
    Jim, every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  5. What camera did you use? Great pic of Stephen. Barclay’d be proud.

  6. I used the only camera we have… the one with the broken display screen. I wasn’t joking about that blind squirrel thing.

  7. Wait… You brough a SHOTGUN to a practice range?
    Dude, just point and shoot.

  8. cc

    I hate to be that guy but … nobody complained about the usage of ‘clip’ yet?

  9. UBJ… it had ben a while. there are times when simply pulling a trigger (in a safe environment of course) is sufficient. Hitting a target, destroying a target, there’s a fine line.

    @cc hmmm? Do you shoot? a ‘clip’ is in fact the removable housing that contains bullets within a firearm. It is simply what it is. If you are talking the legality of modified clips used to house more bullets than are legal… we didn’t do that. If you are thinking that using the word ‘clip’ is akin to the term ‘busting a cap’… then you have miss-spoken.

    We ar glad to have you around no matter what you meant; so toanswer you, no, no complaints yet.

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