Around Town, abandoned places

We weren't loitering, we were entering... it was already broken.

There are those who clean properly and there are those who sweep things under the rug.  This good man is one who comes later on, to peel up the carpet to see what was left behind.  He is testimony to me that one should seek a mix of associations in order to have others around who encourage you to do things that would have never occurred to you on your own.

Despite what it looks like... this was us leaving.

One day this city and society will clean up the messes we leave behind.  Till that day there will be urban exploring.

There are few if any places left on earth where man has not been.  What is a displaced adventurer to do?  We go where man once was and has since abandoned… except for people with spray paint.

This was once a woodworking business of some sort.  When?  We don’t know.  What happened?  No one could answer us.  No one could answer us because no one was there and I’m pretty sure no one cares.

We walked there from home, walked right in and out, and skipped the second floor after determining that standing on its floor would likely lead us to first a visit to the basement, then likely the hospital.

This is how it is here.  We live near, and accept, damaged goods.  There is value in finding the good in that which has been cast off as refuse.  Things swept under the rug still exist.  Not only does it exist, but it inhabits the same room and space as this…

A depiction of treating tetanus contracted while exploring abandoned buildings.

Both are here, we should ignore neither.

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