Around Town, Night at the Fights

How was your weekend?

In a town where the favorite native son, is a fictional character, there may be a need to defend the idea, or at least explain it.

Have you ever felt helpless?  Hopeless perhaps?  Ignored, discounted, discarded?  So does Philly.

We were once the capital of the United States.  We were once one of the world’s largest cities, a bastion of commerce and opportunity.  Then we weren’t.  It still hurts.

Rocky, the washed up unloved nobody, got his shot and won.  We like to think we could too.  While we have some pride in our local ivory towers, we have a deep love for iron fists.

We threw snowballs at Santa Claus and booed our number one draft pick.  We don’t talk pretty or even clean our streets, but we sure can fight.  We are the adopted home of the high-end gastro-pub, but the birthplace of a good pummeling.

We all think we can win like Rocky did… but mostly we just kinda run around town and feed our turtles.

5 thoughts on “Around Town, Night at the Fights

  1. JB, thanks. I hope that project idea you had was serious because I’m all in.
    UBJ, The hood here is legit, and even the places that arent hood have an inferiority complex. I guess that happens when NYC is right next door. People come here as an afterthought, or to look at relics from hundreds of years ago. NYC is happening… we are happened.
    Amanda, so does Littlehammas 2.0. Then we found out little ones are illegal and big ones are expensive. Turns out the firts Rocky movie is an advertisement on how to get salmanilla; raw eggs and turtles.

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