Brohammas Art @ First Friday

If digital views of artwork are not your thing, I have just the remedy.  This coming Friday three paintings by Brohammas will be up for sale at the 3rd Street Gallery on Second Street, in Old City Philadelphia

58 N. 2nd Street : Philadelphia, PA 19106 : 215. 625. 0993

Of course mine will be among approximately five million other’s works, so let’s have some fun.

All three are pictured on my “artwork” tab.  First person to post the name of all three pieces featured at the show, will get a free sketch.  Sorry, no out-of-town guesses, this is one of those highly unfair local features.  Just as a hint, I don’t sign my work “Brohammas”.

I’ll be hanging around the gallery from 5-9, so come say hello.

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