Never Thrown a Punch

Philadelphia Metropolis

Today my story is told elsewhere.  Go have a look.


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6 responses to “Never Thrown a Punch

  1. Brendan

    Great post, Dalyn! The Manute Bol reference reminds me of my old coach in Santa Barbara, a 6’11”, 275 lb Franco-Algerian named Nabile. I couldn’t do much to his ribs when we sparred, though, as his defense was outstanding. I hope you and your fam are well. All’s swell here in W. Mass. How do I get me some ginger ale?

  2. Iyowuna Cookey

    Great blog! I do think we need to see a heading that discusses your religion though. Some of us want to know what really makes you tick, Bishop.

  3. Good Heavens Brendan, thats when you swing for his knees. Of course you aren’t really that much smaller than that yourself… well, maybe a bit skinnier.
    Cookey, how far down did you scroll?

  4. uglyblackjohn

    I TOLD you that you were becoming a good writer.

  5. UBJ, you are quite the talent scout… every thought of becoming a literary agent? I could use one.

  6. EXCELLENT!!! im glad the article got the exposure it did to some new eyes, again i side with ubj… GREAT WRITING, GREAT ARTICLE e-high fives all around!!!

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