9 thoughts on “Photo Essay: The Office

  1. @UBJ, If you click over to the “artwork” page you can see the whole painting. If you enlarge it and read the street signs it will reveal a corner in the ATL.

  2. Is that a bombilla for Yerba Mate? Wow! Nobody that I know even has an inkling of a clue as to what Mate is or for that matter has ever heard of a bombilla. I guess it helps to have traveled to S. AM. and tasted preferred drink of the Gauchos. What brand do you drink or do you prefer? There are a few importers here in N. AM. that I buy from exclusively and they usually have superb pricing as well. I prefer to steep mine in a hollowed out vegetable gourd or use a french press when time does not allow me to sip and enjoy it leisurely. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  3. It is multiple bombillas. If you look, this post features 8 of them. A gourd is great but go get yourself a pomello (overgrown gratefruit), hollow it out a bit and drink from that with no sugar. It will open a door to a whole new hobby.
    I knew a little place in N. Liberties that sadly just closed shop, but the grocery store formerly “Supremo” on N. Broad st. near where the BLVD (1) crosses it carries Rosamante, CBSe, Amanda, sometimes Taragui, Canaries, and Cruz de Malta.
    If you want to move beyond your french press go to http://www.gauchogourmet.com and look up a “matermo”. There is one in my office cubicle right now.

    We are local, we should talk. brohammas@gmail.com

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