All In One Good Week, Photo Essay

Albany, NY

Barn advertising

Air Museum

"She called me a steed. She think I'm a steed!"

Hudson River at Sarasota.

My feet on the Hudson at dusk.

Syracuse University

Taking the ferry from Vermont

One room school house

????? I don't know where I was ?????

Crown Point

Crown Point

Amish drag racing

I'm not sure if that cow chained off to the right was a pet or veal.

The dots in the foreground are flowers, the ones in back are all goats.



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8 responses to “All In One Good Week, Photo Essay

  1. Man, you are one busy guy! Take a breath…

  2. Claudia

    Do you have more hours in the day than the rest of us?

  3. @ Claudia, this is what can be done with the energy it takes to be a parent, when you subtract the kids.

  4. Val

    I love upstate N.Y. I’m seriously considering moving there. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Also I love that leather bag in your header photo.

  5. @Val, I knew Lancaster PA was Amish country but no one told me about upstate NY, along Lake Ontario, having more carriages than cars.
    The bag is from Saddleback Leather Company. Check them out, seriously, they are the best. The bag has a 100 year warranty.

  6. Val


    A 100 year warranty! I’ll def check that company out, thanks.

    Upstate N.Y. has a lot going for it. The lakes and waterways and a mostly low cost of living. I took a train trip through that area and it was so beautiful. I was hooked after that.

    And I didn’t know there were Amish in Upstate N.Y. either.

  7. @ Val – Uh uh Val… I already called dibs on that Bag.

    @ brohammas – “Amish Drag Racing” – Okay, now THAT’S funny.
    What’s up with that big Lifesaver roll?

  8. @UBJ, I have no idea. Its just one of those thins you drive by and do a double take, “What the…?”
    If I had been paying attention to what town I was passing through I could look it up and figure it out, but alas, I have no idea.

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