Brohammas Invades Fort Niagara

In 1678 the French built a fort on the Niagara River, just a few miles from the falls, to protect their ‘interests’.  This means, “keep the Iroquois from kicking their tails.”  Since that time, the fort has been attacked by the British, and then the Americans, and then the British again.  

Everyone else has been able to capture the fort, so I thought I would give it a shot.  

Fort Niagara, est. 1678

Like most good battle plans, I started with surprise.  I planned to attack before dawn… but I slept through the alarm and settled for attacking 15 minutes before closing.  

Brohammas chose a frontal attack... the door was open.

While the cannons were unmanned, as were the gun ports, it looked as if someone had recently mowed the lawn.  

The parade grounds... and no back walls. I suppose a cliff and river are protection enough.

One drawback to invading just before closing, is bad service.  The French opened a trading post in the fort in hopes that they would win favor with the local Iroquois.  If they got the same service I did, they would have sided with the British.  

The service was horrible but the canoe and barrel full of tomahawks were cool.

 With the tomahawk I got from the trading post, I began ferreting out any remaining defenders from their strongholds.

Towers provide protection from invaders and a great view.

Having assumed complete control of the fort I settled in and started giving orders.

The first order of business is to find out who, and what, left that huge ring on the table.

Of course when you single handedly capture an undefended fort, there is no one to carry out your orders.  Now according to all the movies I have watched, the French arent much for fighting.  They more enjoy the finer things. I enjoyed their chair.  Of course I have also learned from movies that that is an English crest on the wall.

Faux de Fafa

I tired of giving orderes to no one, so decided to do what all armies do when they have nothing to do; march.  As I left my comfortable and protected command post I found the one remaining defender.  Unlike me, he had a gun.

a reenactor affectively demonstrating the origins of the term "flash in the pan".

Finding myself outgunned I changed tactics and tried a little diplomacy.  Turns out he wasn’t French at all.  He was Canadian.  His father is a fur trader, not a reenactor, a real fur trader.  We swapped stories about trapping, skinning, and tipis.  I am no stranger to mountain men, but I would chalk this up to my first encounter with an eastern woodsman.  Eastern woodsmen have cooler accents. I came to find we had very similar backgrounds and interests so, being the magnanimous man I am, I captured him, appointed him my second, and left him in control of the fort as I moved on to inspect the falls.



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2 responses to “Brohammas Invades Fort Niagara

  1. Laguna Beach Trad

    I used to go up there as a child on the way to Toronto. Western New York State is one of my favourite regions of the US. It’s much more beautiful than New England, IMO, with just as much history, and not as geographically flat as the Midwest. I love the French and Anglo-America owes an enormous debt to French voyageurs who opened up the NA continent for us.

  2. Just had to say that the new header photo is Sweet. That is all general at ease.

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