Headed upstate

In the minds of most, “New York” means Manhattan, everything else is the upstate.

I do not claim to be above this fallacy.  What I do claim is that I will soon know differently.  I know where I am heading but have no idea through what I will pass along the way.  Everything, which may be nothing, will be, and has been, a surprise.

Catching a train was once the best way to get inland or upstate. The rails created both Robber Barons and countless movie scenes. You know, the ones where one person rides away while another runs along the platform. Thank you trains.

Port Jervis was probably once somewhere.  This is evident in that there is a beautiful overlook gazebo built up on the hill, and a small graveyard of old train engines.  Who doesn’t like trains?

Not too much further upstate was Seneca Lake.

Welcome to the Seneca Lake Resort.

I have not heard of this obvious vacation destination but judging by the amount of docked sailboats and well groomed main street, I was the exception.

Enjoying a local brewed Ginger Ale while waiting for the ferry.

It was cold.  The ferry wasn’t running.  I had somewhere to be, so I saddled up and drove on.


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  1. James

    oh my goodness… Seneca Lake! My parents use to make us go pick grapes at this place every summer, then we would go swim in the lake. The main thing I remember was COLD COLD COLD and no waves… I don’t like water with no waves…
    Oh and there is some legend that a loch ness type monster lives in there, I’m glad you made it out alive.

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