How Spooky is this Place?

Driving between Beaufort SC, and Savannah GA I saw the sign that said “historical marker 1/2 mile ahead.”  I’m a sucker for this sort of thing and was pleased to find room on the shoulder to pull over.  Old Sheldon Prince William’s Parish Church was built in 1755.  It was burned to the ground by the British in the Revolutionary War, rebuilt, then burned down again by the Union during the Civil War.

The sun was just setting and the soft light through the Spanish moss made the ruins look beautiful.

Ruins of Old Sheldon Prince William's Parish Church

I wandered in to look around, and take in a bit of history.

These pillars look innocent enough.

 As I was wandering through the ruins looking at the pillars and arches, planning what pictures to take, when I tripped over a big marble slab.  Upon further inspection I saw that the slab had a name and dates carved into it.  Not only that, but the whole field was full of these slabs.

Of course a colonial church would have a grave yard.

By this time the sun was mostly gone, the frogs were getting louder, and the moss was suddenly a lot less charming.  I tried to look calm and cool as I hurried back to the van, why I’m not sure; no one else was around.  I got in, put it in gear, and called my wife.  I could hear her roll her eyes over the phone.

Me, trapped in the opening sequence of a bad movie.



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9 responses to “How Spooky is this Place?

  1. Sounds like a return visit is in order, perhaps at dawn. Cool set for some glamour fashion photography don’t you think?

    I’m laughing behind my hand at big tough brohammas running scared from the graveyard. You can laugh right back because I’m afraid of the dark.

  2. Matt

    Great thoughts. Spooky pics. But wait! I seem to remember back in middle school after watching a show about werewolves and you saying something like, “That stuff doesn’t scare me.” You getting soft in your old age? 🙂

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha…
    brohammas is sc- ccc- curred of ghosteses?

  4. Come on folks, can’t a guy “spin a yarn?”

    UBJ, yup, Lyric is real good;has a book, been on TV a couple times… Our Dad was a high school art teacher.

    • James

      Wow, I knew none of this… well, I don’t know a lot of things, but I knew none of this family art stuff!
      When is the Montgomery Gallery going to open?

  5. kgskog

    Ever since Pep’s mom told us Ouija board stories I have been a real P word. Yes, that’s right, a pansy. I wouldn’t have gone there alone.

  6. margaretbb

    As any real Southerner knows–do not go into a graveyard after dark, especially at dusk. That is unless you are looking to make some contact.
    Care should be taken, and never go alone.

  7. OF course you dont go into a grave yard alone at night… then again most grave yards are appropriately marked and fenced as to not catch wandering vagabonds unaware.

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