Matisyahu in Philly

My wife found the tickets while poking around Craigslist late one night.  “Hey do you have anything planned in the morning? 


I’m forwarding you a link for free Matisyahu tickets.” 

There were ten of us in the live studio audience of  “The 10 Show”, a Philly morning show that had me remembering Bob Saget and looking behind curtains for Uncle Jesse… I of course have no idea what I just made reference too… I never watched that show, it was my little sister… 

The hosts had never heard of him, or heard his music, but judging by the 7 hipsters and the two guys with yamakas sitting with me, the performance would be appreciated. 

As always, photography was not allowed. Nice shot "almost Dr." Chadwick

His song “One Day” is being used as NBC’s theme song for the upcoming Winter Olympics so he sang it three times.  He sounds better live than on record and after the third time through I was no where near tired of it. 

Couldn't really ask for a better seat

After the show he sang a couple more songs, the producer gave us one last “applause” cue, and we were done.  People sort of hung around afterwards waiting to see if Mr. Matisyahu would come hang out.  He didn’t.  

While crossing the frozen and empty parking lot we spotted a tall Orthodox Jew getting into a beat up red Acura.  You don’t see that every day in Philly so we went and introduced ourselves.  We made plans to hang out and talk about Bob Marley and be best friends but ya know, we are both pretty busy these days. 

Not quite BFF's but maybe one day when we are both less famous we can relax

3 thoughts on “Matisyahu in Philly

  1. UBJ, Matisyahu was much better than the sandwich.
    KG, he is taller than mi padre, but if you mean he looks like someone who would father someone with mad skills, than yes, yes he does.

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