Fine dining in Da Burgh’

Philly has it’s Cheessteak, Baltimore the crabcake, Maine the lobster, and Pittsburgh… the Pimanti Bros.

You have the choice between steak or Pastrami, and when it comes to sandwiches, the answer should always be pastrami.  Along with your finely processed meat, the bread is piled high with french fries, tomato, and cold slaw.  A Pittsburgh orginal!

hot meat and cold slaw were like David Duke and Farrakhan

Sadly this culinary masterpiece will not inspire a return trip.

As I walked dissapointedly back to the van I passed a pastry shop with a line coming out the door.  “Dozen” is small, friendly, and specializes in cupcakes.  Cupcakes are fine but how could I resist a cookie jar with the label “double chocolate bacon”?  Top that off with a cooler of craft brewed sodas and I’m sold.

Boyland's birch beer is always a winner but the double chocolate bacon cookie only gets and 'A' in concept.

4 thoughts on “Fine dining in Da Burgh’

  1. I’ve heard of those pastrami sandwiches from Pimanti Bros. before! Well, I was dating someone from Pittsburgh – and he would gush about them. Honestly, to me they sound disgusting!

    And chocolate and bacon together getting an A in concept? This is one realm where I will bravely stand up to disagree with you. Bacon should stay far, far away from chocolate.

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